Food Shopping #101

It has been quite a while since I posted on my food shopping adventures.  So I felt today is the perfect afternoon to do so.   Actually, I just may brag.  Or boast.  Or both!


My recent trip to Costco [usually needs a sturdy prayer] was probably for the first time – a success.  And it’s not because I came home with fiber bar brownies that were $4 off the original price.  It was due to my attention to detail on not only my husbands list he composed the day before – but what items would be most cost affective and beneficial to my household.   On a typical trip to Costco I’m rushing through with the oversize shopping cart trying desperately not to run over the back of any shoppers heals while I scout out samples.  Not this trip.  I was moving at a snails pace.  Glancing at my list.  And then some.   [like the fiber brownies]

I also need to remind myself that at the present time – there are only three people in the home until College Daughter comes home in March.  Then I need to stock up on lots of paper products – as well as hot and spicy Maggi noodle soups.   So working on my meal planner is always a struggle but I plan my week accordingly to everyone else and their on the go schedule.

Back to Costco.   I purchased enough to make a months worth of meals!  As well as coffee filters, toilet paper, paper towels and napkins.  Kodiak pancake mix was a super bargain, and Apple loves pancakes on Saturday mornings!   Football Superstar enjoys snacking on Fancy Mixed Nuts, and of course I go for the fancy mixed muffins.

So I’ll keep my bragging and boasting short and sweet.   But dang I felt so good after that run to Costco that I stopped at Mom’s Apple Pie and grabbed myself a slice of heaven!   Oh, that wasn’t on the list composed by Football Superstar the day before.

My total savings came to $38.09.    You can applaud now.   🙂



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