Good Lock


Sometimes I love a good lock.   The one that smiles from the other side of our powder room door.  Privacy.

Though I may only need good lock to brush my teeth, or try to comb my hair, add a little eye make-up before heading out the door…..this lock at times, is my good friend.


February has been a whirl-wind of busyness.   Even through our snow storm, it seems as if I haven’t had [or maybe taken the time] to catch up on many things.  My volunteer time at church, my PTO involvement and not to mention my home.

Bringing home little Murphy didn’t add to my routine, but she certainly has become a major part of my routine.   Murphy is a joy, and we couldn’t be more in love with this bundle of fuzz.  Even through the snow and ice….she had no problems learning to “go potty” outside.   We bundled up – tracked through the white stuff as she jumped and leaped over it.  Rolling and making snow-dog angels.   It’s like having a new born baby.  You make the routine and schedule for the babe, and you have a lot of coffee on hand.


Just look at these two darlings.  Apple and Murphy have such a bond and love for one another.  Murphy just about jumps out of her fuzz before Apple can take off her coat and backpack to play!  Our home is filled with the joy and love of a furbaby once again.


Apple has been busy too.  Her chorus group worked hard at their performance of “The Cat & the Rat” a Folk Tale from the West Indies.  Apple loves chorus, and she has no problem singing or speaking in front of an audience.  She stays calm and focused.   Way to go Apple Cheeks!  Swimming keeps her busy and in good condition through this blah winter.   She is looking forward to summer  competitions….especially using the outdoor pools.

College Daughter comes home for her spring break next weekend.   However for her, she won’t be heading to the beaches or spending time with her friends in North Carolina.  College Daughter will be having oral surgery, and recovering for the week in her bedroom here at home.  I told her just think of all the milkshakes and smoothies she can have!

And as for Football Superstar and myself….we are both looking forward to some warmer weather.   We found daffodil’s popping up through the mulch bed.  There are more chirps coming from the yard from little chick-a-dee’s.   These little birds are cute from my kitchen window…but that’s about as close as I’ll get!

Now as for the good lock.   It’s a friend to rely on when that “alone time” is needed.  Our time together doesn’t last long… there are moments we have little interruptions, such as September Moon’s little paws sliding under the door slapping at the air.   There’s the occasion knock because someone has misplaced something or they just want to know what you are doing.   [that always makes me laugh]

Apparently I’m missed.

My personal down time is rare.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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