The Gap

Typically I keep quiet when it comes to my political opinions.   I don’t want to judge anyone.  I don’t want to dissect anyone’s choice of party.   It’s my choice, just as it is yours.  But now something in me has changed.  I can’t just sit back and listen to grown men and a woman turn hate into more hate.   And yes, they are all guilty of playing this game.   A very unfair and unwanted game that has entered my life.  It’s all around us.   Living outside the doorstep of our nations capital has placed us in the center ring for political mayhem.

The candidate I prefer is no longer.   My second choice is not looking too good either.   The candidate[s] who lead both parties are exactly whom I would suspend if I were playing the lead in an administrators role.   We refuse to allow bullying in our schools – yet we applaud and roar with pride when a voice projects hate.


When I first noticed the above photo – I couldn’t help but notice the gap between the two people.  As the one person reaches for the other, I hear two things:  “we can do this together”  and “you won’t fail”.  

You can’t see what race these people are.  You don’t know their religious views.  You don’t know their ages.    But what I see is two people working together.   No matter what views they may agree or disagree on.

Is this what we have come to, a nation that brings people together in their communities, cities, work places, schools and homes promoting battle of the fittest?  The most wealthy?  The most arrogant?    Lies?

I know before you tell me politics have always been a world series of lies and twisted truths.  Secrets and wealth.   But you can’t ignore the voices.  Growing up I don’t and can’t remember any candidate swearing on stage and using adjectives to describe their body parts.   My father who is 89 years old supported my memory.   He agrees that this campaign season is one he would rather forget.

I think about my children.   Especially our youngest.   She is beginning to question the integrity and the morals of each candidate.  Apple herself had her own candidate she favored.   As her fourth grade class cast their “votes”,  I found it interesting on whom she voted for, and why she chose this particular candidate.   His respectful tone.   His kind smile.  [that one!]  He was smart and had class.  {{!}}     College Daughter has a totally different opinion and sees the world through a different color lens.  And not rose colored, but at this time in her life – the only color she can see and that is “what’s best for me today, not really worried about tomorrow” color.     [go ahead and laugh, I am]

Football Superstar and I are not planning a move to Canada.  However, my mother was a quarter French Canadian and we have a lovely host daughter, Niki, living in Vancouver this year until she returns to her homeland of the Czech Republic.    It would be wonderful to spend more time with Niki!

I thought perhaps a warm sunny – year round island would be a wonderful place to raise our social butterfly daughter. [meaning she would dry up from not talking]   Apple could sell sea shells and braided bracelets by the beach to tourist.    Football Superstar and I could live in a self made hut like those on Gilligan’s Island.   We could live off of coastal fishing and love.

Reality is something must change.   I refuse to breed hate with more hate.   And just to be clear….this is my opinion, my rant.   In churches and in the work place.  In our schools and in our communities.    How is it that we are to lecture and place ” free zones” on our youth today when we have adults who are running for the most important position in the United States behaving in such a way – the exact behavior we are trying to stop.   Do we build up walls?   Do we knock people down with hate?      As a woman, I don’t want my daughters to have a presidential role model who doesn’t respect others.  As a mother, I don’t want my daughters to think being successful is about playing the game.

Have I thought about exercising my right as an American not to vote?     Yes.   Should I not show up at the polls?  No.   It’s not setting an example for my children, and I personally wouldn’t feel right about myself.   But I am tormented by the idea of both.   Vote.  Not vote.     I have a gap.

My father came here as an immigrant child of two immigrant parents.    I have very little family here in the states.  I do have some family members who are of a different race.    I have a child from a different country.    I have friends who I love dearly who are not of my faith.    I am not hate.


Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.      ~Mother Teresa









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