Book Hoarder


I love to read.  And I love to collect books.   I honestly can not remember when I started hoarding books my obsession  for collecting books.  And though I may not have read each and every book that sits on my book shelf stack, I will one day do just that………..

As I was typing a draft for Momma Daisy…..I  glanced over at my book shelf stack.  I went back to typing.  And glanced back once again.

Oh, my gosh, I thought to myself!   I don’t even have a book shelf anymore!   The adorable vintage whitewashed book shelf that once sat beside my work desk… that actually matched my work desk is no longer visible.  It’s gone!

The 51 [I counted]  books are lined up not even in alphabetical order or stacked by width or color or length or age or…..  they are just stacked in a sloppy heap of text.  Paperbacks are under hardbacks, antique books are used as a “bridge” for the heavier literature that has no where to go but under and over.

There are those safe and happier books that are perched on our  large mantel.  These antique books are part of my early collection – or my precious novels and journals that were given to me as  gifts.   LeeAnn presented Apple Cheeks with Milne’s 1954 edition of “The World of Pooh”.   It’s safe LeeAnn, on the mantel!

My goal for the day.  Organize my books.  Each and every book.

While walking Murphy around the nature preserve, I planned out how this book organization was going to take place.  First thing first is find the book shelf.  Secondly, find the other two thousand books that are hidden throughout my home.  I say two thousand because that’s the figure my husband throws out to me after we have the hundredth discussion on me getting a Nook or E-book.   It’s the same answer…”no thank you”.   My husband is a reader, he reads every night.  And he is the owner of the electronic hand held devise that has the cute and bright light for night time reading.   I prefer the smell of a book.  The sound of pages turning.   The weight of the book as it hits my head while I fall asleep.       I just like books.  Period.

I found the vintage whitewashed book shelf.   And…I found four Rubbermaid bins that are holding at least…..two hundred books!    I sat there going through the books, reminiscing and reading through chapters, tagging some of the books with sticky note paper.  Which books will be “summer reads” or “must read again” went on a separate pile.    Though some books were rather boring, long and sleepy reads….I’m keeping them. They went on the bottom of the bin.          One never knows…I just may open my own library.  Or book shop.  As for the stack of books that distracted me….the books are still as is.  The shelf is sitting in our office.   The Rubbermaid bins are back in the office closet.   Murphy and I went out for another walk as I smiled thinking to myself….I love books.  And my books are going to sit on the floor unorganized and sloppy.   That is until I really get motivated to organize and rearrange them.  Or until I get tired of looking at the unorganized and sloppy arrangement.   But I’m sitting here now typing and I can see my messy unorganized sloppy arrangement of books I so love.  If you listen closely….you can even hear the whisper of their pages.   Or maybe that’s my inner voice telling me to organize that sloppy stack of books!


I’m a book hoarder collector.  And that makes me happy.












3 thoughts on “Book Hoarder

    • #1. Unsaid *Neil Abramson {must have tissues}
      #2. An Unexpected Grace *Kristin von Kreisler {must have tissues}
      #3. Angela’s Ashes *Frank McCourt
      #4. Girl With A Pearl Earring *Tracy Chevalier {forget the movie – nothing like the novel!}
      #5. Just Beyond the Clouds *Karen Kingsbury {tissues handy}
      #6. No Longer A Slumdog *K.P. Yohannan
      #7. Summer Blowout *Clair Cook {a fun summer beach read!}
      #8. Jantsen’s Gift *Pam Cope {tissues….but beautiful}
      #9. A Rather Remarkable Homecoming *C.A. Belmond {humor & charm from England}
      #10. Rachel and Her Children *Jonathan Kozol {moving- met the author, respect his willingness to bring awareness to readers on homelessness}

      Now…what are your top 10 favorites??!


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