Sit. Breath. Reboot.

Sit.  verb – adopt or be in a position in which one’s weight is supported by one’s buttocks, rather than one’s feet.

Breath.  noun – air taken into or expelled from the lungs.

Reboot.  verb –  (with reference to a computer system) boot or be rebooted again.

Now, use them in a sentence;

In order to reboot, you must sit down and breath.


The hour glass has been turned many times since Spring Break.  Easter vacation flew by so quickly, and now we are looking at the month of April.

College Daughter came home for spring break only to have oral surgery.   Four wisdom teeth removed.  She did fine, but her spring break was spent lounging around rinsing her mouth with salt water and eating delicious soft foods.  Meaning, smoothies and milkshakes were on her menu for the first three days of recuperating.   Two weeks later Apple had her spring break.

Now it’s April.   We are closing in on those last few months of school.  The time of year when teachers begin to get just as anxious if not more so than their students.  I have been guilty of getting the fever – so I can not blame any teacher who is counting down the days on his/her calendar.  Especially with the temperatures soaring in the 80’s.

I was sent an e-mail asking about our sweet pup, Murphy.

Murphy is doing great.  She’s four months old.  She keeps us on our toes!   I have been taking Murphy to her basic puppy classes in order for her to begin the advance class in seven weeks.  From there she will go on to another seven weeks of training for her Canine Good Citizenship certificate – then onward to therapy training.   I calculated the hours, and I believe we’ll put in over 100 including the social training trips we already take.

My attire has been yoga pants and t-shirts.  My hair.  Oh, my hair.  I’m sorry Stacie I haven’t rescheduled!    Yankee baseball caps or a bohemian scarf covers what was once a flattering shag.   I gave up on makeup.  One afternoon, I realized I had put mascara on only one eye.

My weeks are filled with Apple’s swim team practice and doggy swim club.  Yes, the pup goes to a swim club.  We figured why not.   We all share a love of water.  Once the weather stays warm, we’ll stroll down to Potomac, where high school Crew team(s) practice.  What better mascot than a Golden Retriever puppy?!

Coffee chat times are now at a local café with Murphy in tow.  She is typically joined by her pup friend Monster or another Murphy.   It’s like moms getting together with toddlers, except these kids have four legs and need extra large water bowls.

Football Superstar and I were talking about the need to get away.  To reboot.  Just the two of us.   We have had plenty of offers from friends to take Apple and Murphy, so we’re going to definitely sit down and breath….and schedule a get-away.

Sit. Breath. Reboot.










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