what’s in a number?

I have been thinking about my age.   Before this year, I never really put a lot of stock in the whole numbers thing.   Like when 40 became the new 30.   60 was the new 50.   To be honest, I sometimes forgot my age!   One year I needed to make sure I was actually turning a certain number with my husband.   He laughed and corrected that number.   My father would forget his number.   My mother…not so much.   She always new her number.

I had a coffee chat with one of my friends who just so happens to be in my number bracket.   Meaning…we are over the 40 bracket but under the 60 bracket but our number falls between them.   Somewhere it falls.   I do have a few friends who fall below the 40 bracket.   Their numbers are so far behind my number, they couldn’t possibly get confused on what number awaits them.

As the coffee got cold our conversation became a hot topic.   Aging.   Celebrities don’t age.  Their number goes up but their outer container becomes air tight and sealed like a brand new Rubbermaid container.    I don’t find myself standing at Wegmans checkout looking over the oodles of magazines that stare at you while waiting your turn to pay for the junk food you really didn’t need.   Blame that on aging.   Celebrities don’t purchase five bags of Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.    They have someone holding them accountable for even looking at the name.  Before they even think about it – something pinches their Rubbermaid container under their designer jacket and it stops them in their tracks.  Like an E-collar for your dog.   I should probably invest in the E-collar for myself.    Unlike the celebrity, I find myself blaming my downfall of the five bag purchase of Tate’s on menopause and the fact my number is rising and I need the yummy sweet – just because I do.

Placing aside my uncontrollable urge to devour anything chocolate or remotely rich in cocoa – let’s get back to this number thing.

I’m coming up on another number.  While Miriam asked me how I was feeling because I’m coming up on another number even though her number is two ahead of mine…..I can honestly say I answered her honestly.    I don’t feel any different.   Physically there is a difference from my number five or six years ago…there have been changes in our lifestyle that brought my physical container to slow down.   I haven’t been running for months.  That’s about to change, but my focus for so long has been my family, my father who doesn’t live close by, my mother-in-law who doesn’t live in our state, and my husbands business that keeps him in a constant state of busyness.   I returned the question to Miriam, and as we learned that we agreed on the number thing…it’s just a number.   We disagreed on how to react to the “it’s just a number”.     It’s your birthday number.   The day you were born.   A day to celebrate and continue to feel blessed or grateful to see what waits ahead when your next number awaits you.

I feel blessed.  I’m grateful.   And today I’m not as tired as I was last Sunday.  But today is not quite over and tomorrow will come before I know it.     If Murphy and September sleep in before my alarm goes off at 5:15am I’ll feel like the forty year old I once was!    If not, I’ll stay the number I currently hold and begin my morning yoga with a few yaps and meows.  Coffee then yogurt.  A beginning run after taking Apple to school.    I can’t run away from those numbers…..so I may as well join them.

Care to join me?






4 thoughts on “what’s in a number?

  1. As they say, getting older beats the alternative! I have found that it gets harder to wrap my head around the numbers as they get bigger. I turned 60 a few months ago–and that number keeps surprising me.

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