Sharing a Conversation

When you least expect it…there is a conversation to be shared.



College Daughter – for the most part- lives and keeps a pretty calm and quiet life on and off campus.  If I were to compare her to other college students within our circle of friends….her life would seem rather dull and boring.   Yet it’s not.  Still, if you were to ask her….she would tell you her life is rather dull and boring filled with crammed studies and weekend work.  Her friends are made up of “nerdy” engineering  and biology  peeps who use their spare time to outreach, explore the environment  or volunteer their useful knowledge to those students who are falling behind with course studies – because those  students who need the extra help to achieve a better than average GPA – are more likely to have less dull and boring lives.


A conversation started [again] regarding her summer plans.  Mind you, I’m driving the pup to her training class.   Traffic is deadlocked and I’m hearing words like “study abroad” [which was my idea this past year], home, work for dad, North Carolina, then his name.

His name, which I will not release without his approval [laughing] is a very good friend who has become more like a person who is very well liked.   The word love was not used.  [sigh of relief]  I must admit, I do appreciate this friend because he has given our College Daughter a desire to explore her Asian customs and appreciate not only her own heritage but others.   She has been busy with the Korean Cultural club as well as the American Asian community at Virginia Tech.   College Daughter lost interest during a period of time when she softly refused anything remotely attached to China. There would be no more festivals where she dressed in a beautiful dragon embroidered Cheongsam.  Gone were the visits to China Towns custom and art district.  High School years there were late night visits to Pho Soup and Chung Express,  that was about as close to her roots as she wanted to embrace.

But interesting enough, the small historic town of Blacksburg is becoming more diverse every year.  Though it still fights a reputation of having a majority of a white student body, we have seen a great number of ethnicities emerging throughout its campus.

So he steps in again.

The night he came to pick up our daughter he greeted Football Superstar with a firm and genuine handshake with a formal “hello Mr….” .   As my husband towered over this young man with an intelligent smile….I find myself watching our nervous daughter.   She never quite knows what to say.   What did she tell this young man with the intelligent smile?  My dad will break you in two pieces first then ask questions?   My dad has hands the size of Godzilla?   And he blows fire from his mouth?!

Unlike her quivering silliness of a seventh grader….this young man with the intelligent smile and “Godzilla” stood in our driveway packing up the car with our puppy jumping at everyone’s feet.   Kisses goodbye, laughter and a few serious safe driving reminders they were on their way.

So, what exactly was this phone call about?

I really like him mom.

How did you know?


About dad?

You’re so lucky.

I know.


As I finally arrived to my destination, I had to cut this conversation we were sharing – short.  I hated to do this.  It’s always at these times when our children have something they want to share.  A conversation.

We continued our shared conversation the next day.

I’m her mother – she’ll listen hear me.


I’m thinking studying abroad wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Godzilla, her father thinks so too.


















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