the art of balance


Over these last six months [or more] I’ve found my life has lost it’s balance.

As we drove home from our weekend “get-away” my mind went through a “rewind”.  Our trip to the beach was not the usual family vacation where Football Superstar puts all calls through his call box.    No laptop, no text messages and certainly no skyped meetings.  This weekend was primarily to attend an event organized for dogs.   We made the decision months ago to take our new addition to Dewey Golden Jubilee and catch up with other members of our own GG group.    Football Superstar knew he wouldn’t be placing everything on hold, this was a normal work week/weekend.  His reason for going was to watch our youngest enjoy her time on the beach with her pup.  Also, to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner with his family.  Or at least one of the three meals.  Just like any other work week, except we’re in a hotel room walking distance from the ocean.  I love that my husband knows I can handle just about anything – on my own.   I’ve traveled with more than one child and more than one dog plenty of times to know who’s going to get sick, who’s going to cry out “are we there yet” and who needs to go to the bathroom- again.

But this time I watched his phone light up more than I wanted.   During lunch with a friend, I could see his phone vibrating across the table.  He no sooner took a bite of his sandwich it would happen.   Before you ask….why didn’t he just turn it off?   Remember, he was still working this weekend.  I appreciate and respect the fact my husband is loyal to his clients.   But geez, eat man would you!

As we waited for the pounding rain to pass in Piney Point, it really hit me I must find my balance once again.   I can’t change my husbands career, though Lord knows I’ve tried!   There will be more weekend’s we are away and Football Superstar will need to work.   However, my personal balance will help in creating balance in my family.  I just need to learn to say no too.      No, we can’t make it.   No, we have another commitment.  No.

Plan, empower and prepare for any hiccup that comes my way.    That comes our way.

After all….College Daughter will be returning home from school next weekend.   And I’ll need all that balance back in my life!    Balance, or just  lease the Outer Banks home all summer!



Life can be a balancing act.  It’s the art of balancing.

Never get so busy making a living – that you forget to make a life.  ~ unknown






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