Food Shopping 101

It’s been ages since I posted on my lessons on food shopping.  Or should I say my experiences of food shopping.

Everyone knows when you’re trying to shop “local” within a metropolitan area, sometimes it’s next to impossible to locate a true farmers market.  They are out there – I’ve been to a few that captured my heart.   Market to Market and Founding Farmers, both located in Northwest DC.  There is the Ashburn Farmers Market located at One Loudoun.  And the always cramped Brambleton Farmers Market.   Fairfax has plenty as does Leesburg.  I’m not bothered by the drive to any of the “local/organic produce farms” and what they offer.  Fresh fruits, veggies and organic meats.   Locally brewed beverages as well as fresh herbs potted or fresh from the garden.   I love a good market.

Our markets are only opened on Saturday mornings during spring and summer seasons.  Needless to say if I’m going to head into the District – I must be up and out the door by 6am.  If not, parking is a mess and the pickin’s will be slim to none.     For One Loudoun market, I can be out the door by 6:30 and still find a bountiful selection of this and that.

I’m a sucker for Sunflowers.  Huge – dinner plate size sunflowers.   Fresh cut daisies and fresh lavender.  Basil.  Thyme.  Rosemary.  Oregano.  Mint of all flavors.   And not to forget chives for our morning bagels with goat cream cheese.

Back up to this morning – 8:30am.   Wegmans.   Unlike my 6am runs to the typically elbow to elbow “specialty” grocery store, this morning actually wasn’t that bad.  Limited crowd.  I was looking around thinking perhaps the store was closing for good, or just maybe there was a foodie demo in the food court.  But nothing spectacular was happening….only that I find myself being tempted by the asiago bagel sitting along with many other asiago bagels in the pretty bagel display baskets that line the bread aisle.      And then there were those ridiculous buttery croissants.

As I grabbed two of the freshly baked asiago bagels – one for me and one for Football Superstar  another one for me, I circled around the artisan cheeses.  Why not?

If your wondering when the “lesson” in my food shopping 101 will appear on this post.  It’s not.

I’m not even sure why I am posting on nothing but asiago bagels, goat cream cheese, feta cheese, and one buttery croissant.   Which I did save for College Daughter.  After all, she was heading in to work by noon and I thought why not give share this freshly baked buttery croissant.   She got the entire croissant…I’m not that selfish!    My mind quickly thought about cutting it in half but then my good conscious said “stop!”.

I, once again, failed at trying to make my desire for the weekly menu/budget/lunch foods come out on top.   Or just a simple C+ would do!    Blame it on the bread section.   Blame it on the cloudy morning as I sat in traffic.  Blame it on ….. oh, who am I kidding!     I’ll always be a food shopper flying by the seat of my yoga pants.   Today I was wearing a tennis skirt.  No matter what my attire will be… seat will always be flying!


By the way….those asiago bagels are …….die…for!





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