Summer and its Simple Joys

Happy Summer!

It’s finally here…. my all time favorite time of the year.   It’s when my family knows that momma’s Turkish beach towels and blankets are stacked with love in a large woven basket by the stairway.   When a variety of sunblock replaces candles next to the powder room sink.    When sea shells and large white starfish replace sprigs of wisteria and stone crafted rabbits on the mantel.     Yes, it’s summer.

I would like to say life slows down for us during summer – but truthfully it kicks us into high gear.   Swim team practices and meets.  Summer gatherings, vacations,staycations, and all the behind the scene activities that keep our calendars highlighted red and blue.

This summer, I want to soak up every hour.   I made this exact statement last summer.   As much as I look forward to taking those trips or getting together with family and friends, I want time to slow down.   How can I possibly make my summer-time slow down?   I’m open for suggestions!  

My early mornings sitting on our terrace drinking coffee can be relaxing as well as entertaining as I watch our pup Murphy try to figure out how to grab the little lizard climbing up the rainspout.  It’s my way of getting the morning started.   Even if it only last for thirty minutes….pup needs a good run or walk…..swim practice begins…..driving here and there…client updates….

I still love summer.


Then there is the summer food.   Fish tacos.  Watermelon.  Hot mango salsa.   Heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese.  Grilled with love by Football Superstar – tuna steak and bay scallops.   Top it off with a glass of Beach House.

Oh, I love summer.











And it’s just beginning….


Oh, I love summer!






3 thoughts on “Summer and its Simple Joys

  1. Aaah summer is finally here. Breathe in the freshly mowed grass and nothing beats the smell of summer rain. And so anxious to get to the beach. LOVE IT! Savor every moment Lisa.


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