Lessons from a dog.

It seems like forever since I’ve posted – so before I begin to lose readers/followers….I better say something!


Life has been in the fast lane for us, and I’m sure many of you have your own lane or have been in some type of race since summer opened up the starting gates.

I had every intention of posting [again] of the debates, the election, the candidates, and their messiness.   I even made a time after all my sleepyheads went off to bed – for me time.  My time to set up the laptop on the balcony, along with fresh brewed ice tea.   Raspberry flavor.   But that “my time” fell hard on Murphy’s dog bed which resembles a white water rafting craft.  Large enough for three dogs or one dog and two humans, or two dogs and one human.  Doesn’t matter, it’s large enough for me to flop down on and not wake up in time to get out my laptop and begin to post.  I woke up an hour later with a fuzzy head on top of my own.  Drool and tennis ball in her mouth as she slept.  I’ll never understand.  And perhaps she is the reason I changed my mind on the blog topic.


What if we just took the time to slowly watch our lives play out.  What if planet earth stood still.  Would we?    I listen to the news, it shows up on my news feed, it’s everywhere.  Even poolside conversations begin to become somewhat political.    I’ve avoided Facebook for this very reason.   We can go from wishing everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to – she’s this and he’s that.   We worship celebrities and give thanks to those who make an appearance at a peace walk.  We give materialistic views the priority instead of thinking about how we, ourselves can take “us” out of the priority.   I hear hatred and bitterness in the voices of adults.  How are we to expect our children to become better “people”.   Yes, the beautiful quotes and photos of people from all walks of life holding hands, embracing, smiling together makes us feel there is hope.  But what happens when these Facebook pictures, tweets and peaceful protest become like every other novelty?    We move on with our lives.  Purchase the latest technology.   Watch our lives move in the fast lane.   We forget what happens until….until another tragedy takes place.


I won’t pretend I’m not worried about what is about to unfold come November.   But I refuse to become the very reason we protest, hate, discriminate, and can only speak of what is happening in our fast lanes.    Who’s right and who’s left?    I don’t care who’s lane your in.   I’m going to care about you either way.    Even if you don’t care about my lane.  But you will not find me pushing into another lane to prove my point.   You won’t find me switching lanes because I refuse to hold on to my values and morals.   But you will find me working hard to stay in my lane – and working to slow down my speed.   I don’t want my life to play out without me watching every moment of it.   We may not be able to change our schedules or routines.   But I’m going to try with all my will to watch it.  Watch life.

I know sleeping with a tennis ball in my mouth looking completely peaceful is out of the question.   But I did watch for a moment – eyes closed tight – looking as if life is carefree and in the slow lane.

Lessons from a dog.   One very happy and peaceful dog.






2 thoughts on “Lessons from a dog.

  1. That Murphy is one smart dog! It’s funny–I’ve been thinking lately about behaving more like my kitten–play, sleep, play some more. The very imperfect world does intrude but we don’t have to become consumed with it, do we?

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