Al Fresco ~ please.

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What’s better than eating a delicious summer meal….

Eating that meal Al Fresco!

I love, love, love summer.   Guess you may have already figured that out from recent post – but I love it even more when I’m eating my meal(s) outdoors.    My family is served their meals on our balcony.   We like to refer to it as our French Terrace.    Where my summertime dinnerware comes out to make its grand entrance whether it’s supporting a slice of homemade naan bread pizza, crab cakes, pasta or a grilled tomato & cheese.   Even the Pop Tart has made its debut on a summer plate.  Sea foam green and coral cotton napkins assist with a smear of hot fudge left behind on a particular cuties cheek.

When I’m outdoors eating, I feel as if the day hasn’t escaped us [me].  On those late evenings when my husband returns from the office, I encourage him to relax on the French Terrace and enjoy his dinner.   It’s a time to unwind.

When we choose a restaurant for lunch or dinner, it will most likely be one that offers Al Fresco.  And we are very lucky here in the DC Metro area they are in every town.   Almost on every street corner.  And even the pup can join us on the patio or sidewalk seating!

The recent temps have put a hold on our terrace dinning, but early morning we can grab our coffee cups and enjoy an hour before the sun begins to bake us.   And by sundown, we can watch the moon stare down at us while sipping sweet tea or chilled wine.

Apple and her friends have become so accustom to this Al Fresco dinning, they have been taking summer paper plates and napkins to the pool for their lunches!    The pool patio offers seating under large market umbrellas while listening to music.   My heart is happy watching my youngest and her friends enjoy their summer, but it’s just too cute [and innocent] when I watch them place freshly sliced strawberries and water melon on their plates chatting endlessly about everything and anything.   Pouring pink lemonade [or gaterade-gasp] over ice sipping through fancy straws and giggling because they know I’m secretly watching.

And who can resist eating Al Fresco directly on the beach?

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I love summer.   Al Fresco style.      Don’t you?



If you ever visit the DC Metro area – be sure to stop at one of these locations for a delicious Al Fresco meal.   Most offer outdoor dining even after summer ends.   Which by the way….there is nothing better than dinning outdoors in October.   But that’s another post.



*Brabo     1600 King Street     Alexandria VA


*Parallel Wine Bistro      43135 Broadlands Center Plaza       Broadlands VA

*The V      44630 Waxpool Road      Ashburn VA


*Fire Works     201 Harrison Street  SE     Leesburg VA        {one of Murphy’s favorite hangouts}




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