what is victory

Victory is once again televised for us to sit back -or sit on the edge of our seats- and watch the 2016 Olympics.   Victory for these athletes started behind the finish line or vault.  While spending countless hours in the gym, away from their families and friends or college years.   No matter how many hours are calculated – one thing you can not deny is the athletes ability to accomplish their victorious goal.  And that is to win.


While growing up, I clearly remember my father having large bulky men over for dinner.  They were loud, spoke broken English and loved to eat my father’s cooking.   These men I later learned were Olympic lifters.  A sport my father competed in, but never qualified with the other Soviets to compete in the World Games.   As the years passed….these men became more like family and I was taught they were not to be glorified – only respected as any other adult.

Now being a parent of children who have competed or continue to compete in sports – I try to instill the same non-glorification of these athletes.   Football Superstar has rubbed shoulders with those who have gone on to the NFL and those who are currently NFL newbies.   They are still people.   Except making a lot more money.    [giggling]

I give respect to all these competitive parents.  The hours, the financial commitment as well as the family break it takes to create the Olympic athlete.

Our living room cheered for Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and cutie Simone Biles.   We lost our breath watching track and field.  No doubt these unlike any other sport participants – deserve our applause.

I’ve just been cautious while applauding.   Making sure as epic as their lives changed today…..tomorrow will be another day.   If Apple wants to swim like Ledecky, then allow her to put that on her list of goals…..but to remember she is Apple.   And no matter where the backstroke  takes her….we want our daughter to remember swimming does not make her who shes is.

Not everyone gets to the Olympics.   But it’s not everyday you get applauded [and loved] for just being you.


But how about that Bolt!   Holy Schmoly!






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