The Company You Keep~ The People You Meet

“A man is known by the company he keeps”    ~Anonymous


I feel out of touch with my readers and fellow bloggers.   My plan to post once each month for summertime updates pretty much melted away with this summer heat index.  However, I enjoyed your blog post!

Our summer was filled with road trips, beach outings and a lot of swimming.  Catching up with friends and family was the best.   But I must say the company I have kept these past several months has given me an opportunity to meet some great people.

I had an infection in my leg.  And thanks to [me] not listening to my husband and getting to the good doctor when I should have seen the good doctor – the infection worsened and the not-so-good doctor I visited insisted I don’t emerge my leg in any body of water.    Backing up….we were to head to Kent Island for the week.   Are you kidding me?!    No sun, no swim, no sweet red wine, no running, no beach volleyball [not that I was planning on doing], nothing sweat related.   I rarely [triple that] see a doctor, so these instructions sounded as if I were to be locked in a room and only  be given granola to eat for a year.

Moving ahead.   Football Superstar and I decided it would be a good idea to back up our trip.  No worries.   Apple met with friends at the pool.  I sat in the shade.   But it was my early morning and late evening walks with my company that gave me an opportunity to find some of the nicest people you’ve ever want to meet.

It’s pretty cool how one trail can lead you to many others.   Murphy typically is the topic of interest when we are out and about.   Sure, she’s cute with her adult coat coming in – her Golden smile – and the ability to lure a runner off his/her stride as she rolls over for a belly rub.   Conversations begin.    Though the conversations may begin with a belly rub, a compliment or just a wave and a smile….many of these people we have met are now our friends.    Summer bar-b-ques, road trips, pool gatherings, birthdays and puppy play-dates have become a big part of the season.    I look forward to having authentic Indian tea with Lucky’s human mom, chatting with  Kodi’s human mom and getting not only our human kids together ….. but our families.    Dogs included.

I don’t believe things happen just by coincidence.   The company that I keep – well… you know the rest.


Summer isn’t over yet!   Not by my calendar anyway!






2 thoughts on “The Company You Keep~ The People You Meet

  1. Sorry to hear about your leg Lisa. Hope nothing too serious and you will make a full and speedy recovery. And yes, it is true, you find amazing people in the most unexpected places and times. I often say, “I would not wish Bree to ever have to experience what she went through but we did meet some simply amazing people through her journey that I now cannot imagine not having in my life.”

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