I Surrender

Maybe.  I guess.  I’m not sure yet.  Okay.  I surrender.


I’m surrendering to the fact Autumn is upon us.  While trying to stay focused at Wegmans this morning, I was surrounded by gourds and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.  Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks hasn’t just arrived, by gosh it was out in August – don’t let them fool you!

I do love Autumn.   What other season besides Summer will you find such an assortment of hues bursting to be noticed.   But I prefer it come at its scheduled arrival time.  Not just  the temperature change – but all that comes with it.   Pumpkin this and that- when I still have my beach gear sitting in the corner.   Sweater sales at Macy’s when I’m still in flip-flops.

As I walked down the frozen food aisle, I was prepared to head straight to the check out.  Something caught my eye.   It was an entire display of Halloween decor!  Apple already has her costume picked out – ready to be hand made [for the most part].   She and Murphy are going as Aslan & Lucy from Chronicals of Narnia.  I spotted something not related to her costume.  Sorry….you thought I was going to say I spotted something important and very much needed for her costume.    I spotted the most adorable black & white pumpkin plates.  $2.99 each.   Perfect for that Autumn lunch hosted by yours truly.   And then – matching glittery white pumpkins.   $5.99 each.

By the time I picked up the plates and the glittery pumpkins – I placed them back on the display table.   Football Superstar called just in time.  He wanted to give me that gentle reminder when I’m food shopping not to forget his organic granola.    I continued to the check out.    Today,  Jinny was my cashier.      I so appreciate her taking extra care while wrapping those glittery white pumpkins and placing them in a paper wine bag.   And those plates….those adorable plates!


Oh, geez….now I must shop for a new wreath.


Told you I surrendered.




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