lost in time. catching up. where did summer go? It’s October.

October came sneaking up on me.   Behind my back – I wasn’t ready!

But now I am.   And I must give thanks to my dear friend LeeAnn.  (It’s All About the Cozy)  My home is decorated for autumn.   Remnants of summer are hidden behind closed doors of the hallway closet.  Beach towels, those fabulous Turkish blankets and my floppy beach hat will hibernate until next season.

I’m still wearing flip-flops and shorts…so don’t hate.   The temps are warm here….so allow me to wean myself from my comfy flops to wearing shoes.

As I flopped myself through Wegmans, Spencer who just happens to be my check out guy now (I still miss Jake from Wegmans, but he’s moved on to a new career).  Spencer is a little more talkative – and at times – don’t tell him this – he’s distracting.   But he knows every type of bagel there is in the world!     And he lost a lot of weight.   And….


Pumpkins were everywhere.   I decided to take a drive after leaving Wegmans to a local nursery that had mini pumpkins and gourds.   Grabbed a handful and headed back home so I could display those mini darlings on my mantel.  Along with some glamorous Halloween crows Apple Cheeks created.   I never  knew crows could looks so darn cute!    My bird phobia set aside.           I am  was, no, still am  feeling Autumn!

Then Sunday evening as we arrived home from our weekend get-away.  I decided to light candles that had the matching scent of our home decor.   Autumn Spice.   Pumpkin Delight.      Fifteen minutes before we went up to bed, I blew them out.    Within six minutes of blowing out the candles….Murphy decided to annoy September – within 3 minutes September jumped up on the mantel to get away from the exact creature she enjoyed her weekend break away from – knocked over the candle onto the carpet which splattered directly on our fairly new reading chair.       Football Superstar and I stood there motionless looking at the orange wax.   The cat.  The dog.  Back to the wax.   Murphy sat by my hubby  looking confused – but yet and as always happy.   September was ______!

After an hour of scraping orange soy wax off of the carpet and my new favorite reading chair….it was a loss.   Football Superstar googled “how to remove candle wax (soy) from carpet/furniture”.   Nothing.  No hot iron on paper towels/brown bag.   No scrubbing, which we refused to do, because our luck we would have turned the orange from Orange Delight into Mud Pit Brown.     1-800-STEAMER nothing.   Today I wait for another “carpet/textile expert” to arrive.   My window of time 8-12.

I’ve learned a lesson.   After all these years of burning candles on my mantels, and tables….I’ve learned a valuable lesson.    Probably expensive one too.   Which means valuable – right?

But even so, I’m not going to allow that to ruin my carpet and favorite chair  my week.   Autumn is here and my home smells wonderful!


My cup is empty….and guess who arrived?!



Enjoy the sights and scents of Autumn.  *

(PS…I can’t take credit for that beautiful pic….however I’m looking forward to enjoying a similar view this  weekend at the lake)



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