a NEW beginning

Typically I shy away from posting about other peoples relationships.  Mine, yes.  But yours no.  Unless it has to do with finding new love, then yes, I’ll post.    About a month ago I met a woman who lives in my neighborhood.  We’ve met for coffee several times.  She recently opened up to me about her divorce.

Her story is like so many other women who found themselves in a hurtful – painful relationship.   Wondering will life ever be the same?   And if I choose to leave this unhealthy relationship – then what happens to me?   Kids?   Friends?     Long ago I too  was in an unhealthy relationship.  One that I can now say is so far behind me – I forget/forgot it ever happened.   But it took time to heal from abuse and the nasty scars that followed.  Over time we all heal. And everyone has their own path to healing.   My dearest friend LeeAnn experienced not only once but twice in her relationships – cheating and the uncertainty of “will this marriage ever mend?”.     It was a long road to healing for her.  But I’m delighted to say LeeAnn has remarried to a wonderful man, and this new journey will be made with Craig.  Oh, and Crosby their Yorkie!

We can’t help but question…..could and should those unhealthy relationships mend?       In my neighbors situation – no.    Even after counseling and mediation her marriage ended in divorce.   She’s picking up the pieces (as they say) and moving on with her life.  Her new journey has only just started.   I shared with my neighbor LeeAnn’s journey.  My story.    My neighbor is a beautiful woman inside and out.   She knows there is life after divorce – it’s the trust issues that come with a broken relationship.   LeeAnn just shared “the best is yet to come for her!”….”it can and will get better”.

When a relationship goes sour it’s not only the first step to walking away from the relationship – but knowing how to handle family and friends that come/came with that relationship.   Making boundaries and filtering through the painful “who’s side are you on?” kind of mess.    And some broken relationships are a mutual agreement where you keep mutual friends and everyone is just peachy.     But for most unhealthy relationships  it’s very rare there will be just peachy mutual friends.

Life has given me some pretty difficult moments where my journey didn’t seem as if there could be a more scenic route to take.   I wasn’t looking for the Yellow Brick Road route, and I was fortunate enough to have support and love from my family and friends to be there -just in case I took a detour.   Which I didn’t.   My journey picked up with Football Superstar.  He’s been my anchor – my best friend.   LeeAnn has Craig.   We have our friends and family.    As for my sweet neighbor….she too will find life is just beginning again.   Her family and friends are supporting just in case she should find a detour.   Oh, she also has two adorable dogs to snuggle with!

Thank you LeeAnn for giving her  strong advice and encouragement!!  I love you!!

And gals….we are all just peachy!


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