Seinfeld comes to Wegmans

What a week we all experienced.   Schedules were changed, forgotten appointments and nine trips to the grocery store(s).

Sometimes the delete button for moments wouldn’t be so bad.  Knowing this isn’t reality…well…

I can’t remember the last time I went food shopping and used a check.   I typically can’t remember where we keep our checkbook – the checkbook is Football Superstars responsibility.   I can barely keep my “membership cards” in order.   There are cards for everything.   Discount pet points.   Valued card holder.   Coffee member plus!   So when I plan my food shopping events, depending on where my SUV takes me, I’m prepared with the discount/membership/plus card to accompany my debit/credit card when I swipe or chip my way through the checkout line.   However on Wednesday I decided to use our checkbook because we need to use up the checks so our new designer checks can be hidden where the checkbook is always hidden – in a location I forget about.

I’m ready to checkout at Wegmans.    Nate the checkout guy was quiet.  Friendly, but quiet.  As I’m about to hand him my non-designer check, he asked me for my “check cashing card”.     I remember wrinkling up my nose asking “what?”.    Nate repeated it.  “Your check cashing card maam’….the one you use for paying with personal checks”.    I rumble through my wallet not finding anything that looks remotely like a check cashing card matching the Wegmans membership card.  As I peek over my shoulder there are six other people staring at me and Nate.  Mostly me.   But one lady glaring at Nate as if she wanted to say “could you move her to another line already!”.     Nate politely asked me to go over to customer service where I would be able to apply for a check cashing card.   My groceries were bagged neatly, and I pushed the shopping cart over to the customer service counter.  Ruhi was on the phone.  He waved for me to wait with a smile.   As soon as he hung up the phone his friendly voice asked how he could help me.   I proceed to tell him what happened when the phone was ringing…..I nod for him to go ahead and pick up the phone.  He laughs and says it’s a fax number calling.   Okay, back to my crisis issue assistance.  Ruhi begins to tell me how easy it will be and only take but ten minutes to complete the online form for a check cashing card.   And Ruhi does all the work!

Step one.   Phone number.   Wait….there’s already a check cashing card under another phone number.    ?

That’s my husbands number!        No worries.  Lets get a card just for you.    As Ruhi types in my address he notices there is another address under my husbands cell phone number. We laugh…he changes Football Superstars information.   Our new address is placed in the system and my cell number is now on my very own check cashing card!    All is good!

We can’t help but laugh both sharing Seinfeld moments.   This was no doubt a Seinfeld moment.

It has been over five years since a check has been written to Wegmans.   If I remembered needing a check cashing card – I totally forgot about it – after all it’s been five years.  And obviously it was my hubby who used his very own personal check cashing card at Wegmans.   But now….I have my own card!      I told Ruhi he’s like a loan officer for Wegmans.   We kept laughing during this ten minute procedure.  Not ten minutes but twenty pass.   Between the bogus fax phone calls and other employees asking Ruhi a “quick question”,   ten minutes turned into twenty and then it was twentyfive minutes later.    I then realized it’s been quite some time since we received the Wegmans Menu magazine in the mail.   I requested that we begin to receive the magazine again….Ruhi said no worries….it’s still being sent out to you but going to the wrong address.   More laughing.   He places a Winter edition of the Menu magazine on the counter along with my new check cashing card and my new mini membership card(s).    Because my account number changed, so must my mini membership card number.   (shaking my head)

I collected my belongings….thank Ruhi and begin to exit the store with my groceries.

Three hours later I decided to go through my wallet and throw away any cards that I no longer use.   Like Panera Bread.   Starbuck cards with no amount whatsoever on them.  And an outdated Leesburg Car Wash discount card.     And there it was…..behind my Trader Joe’s membership card….green never used…..Wegmans Check Cashing card dated seven years ago.



soup for the soul


I believe I read there are two hundred and fifty Chicken Soup for the Soul books.   No, I haven’t read all 250….

Soup has always been good for the soul.  My mother was the Queen of Soups.  A serious title she was given.   Her ability to create such flavor with vegetables, noodles, oysters or the occasional clump of tofu would make me incredibly happy.    I can smell her corn chowder now.

If I had a sore throat – soup.   If my father was craving oysters – stew.  And I could always count on my mother making a large pot of her vegetable noodle soup at least once a month for me.  I would drive over to my parents home after work to pick up my two gigantic Tupperware containers to take back to my city apartment to enjoy during those rough winter months.   It was good for the soul.

This weekend our annual K&K family Christmas dinner took place.   Wild Wild West Wendy stirred up three different types of soup.   Corn Chowder with cheese, Chicken Noodle and Pasta Fagioli.   There is no doubt Wild Wild West Wendy was singing in her kitchen to Irish Christmas music as she baked chicken, grated cheeses, and seasoned broth.   Each soup was full of flavor and love.    Homemade bread and a spinach quiche made the perfect companion to this comfort meal we were served.    It was good for the soul.

Another dear friend is a Queen in the kitchen with her soups.  LeeAnn.   And I’m going to drive up north to find comfort in her soup.   As a matter of fact…..LeeAnn is a Queen in the kitchen for baking too!    yes, my friend…that was a hint.

Soup for your soul.

If you want to find yummy old fashioned recipes,check out Sheryl at A Hundred Years Ago.

Al Fresco ~ please.

th (1)

What’s better than eating a delicious summer meal….

Eating that meal Al Fresco!

I love, love, love summer.   Guess you may have already figured that out from recent post – but I love it even more when I’m eating my meal(s) outdoors.    My family is served their meals on our balcony.   We like to refer to it as our French Terrace.    Where my summertime dinnerware comes out to make its grand entrance whether it’s supporting a slice of homemade naan bread pizza, crab cakes, pasta or a grilled tomato & cheese.   Even the Pop Tart has made its debut on a summer plate.  Sea foam green and coral cotton napkins assist with a smear of hot fudge left behind on a particular cuties cheek.

When I’m outdoors eating, I feel as if the day hasn’t escaped us [me].  On those late evenings when my husband returns from the office, I encourage him to relax on the French Terrace and enjoy his dinner.   It’s a time to unwind.

When we choose a restaurant for lunch or dinner, it will most likely be one that offers Al Fresco.  And we are very lucky here in the DC Metro area they are in every town.   Almost on every street corner.  And even the pup can join us on the patio or sidewalk seating!

The recent temps have put a hold on our terrace dinning, but early morning we can grab our coffee cups and enjoy an hour before the sun begins to bake us.   And by sundown, we can watch the moon stare down at us while sipping sweet tea or chilled wine.

Apple and her friends have become so accustom to this Al Fresco dinning, they have been taking summer paper plates and napkins to the pool for their lunches!    The pool patio offers seating under large market umbrellas while listening to music.   My heart is happy watching my youngest and her friends enjoy their summer, but it’s just too cute [and innocent] when I watch them place freshly sliced strawberries and water melon on their plates chatting endlessly about everything and anything.   Pouring pink lemonade [or gaterade-gasp] over ice sipping through fancy straws and giggling because they know I’m secretly watching.

And who can resist eating Al Fresco directly on the beach?

th (2)


I love summer.   Al Fresco style.      Don’t you?



If you ever visit the DC Metro area – be sure to stop at one of these locations for a delicious Al Fresco meal.   Most offer outdoor dining even after summer ends.   Which by the way….there is nothing better than dinning outdoors in October.   But that’s another post.



*Brabo     1600 King Street     Alexandria VA


*Parallel Wine Bistro      43135 Broadlands Center Plaza       Broadlands VA

*The V      44630 Waxpool Road      Ashburn VA


*Fire Works     201 Harrison Street  SE     Leesburg VA        {one of Murphy’s favorite hangouts}



Food Shopping 101

It’s been ages since I posted on my lessons on food shopping.  Or should I say my experiences of food shopping.

Everyone knows when you’re trying to shop “local” within a metropolitan area, sometimes it’s next to impossible to locate a true farmers market.  They are out there – I’ve been to a few that captured my heart.   Market to Market and Founding Farmers, both located in Northwest DC.  There is the Ashburn Farmers Market located at One Loudoun.  And the always cramped Brambleton Farmers Market.   Fairfax has plenty as does Leesburg.  I’m not bothered by the drive to any of the “local/organic produce farms” and what they offer.  Fresh fruits, veggies and organic meats.   Locally brewed beverages as well as fresh herbs potted or fresh from the garden.   I love a good market.

Our markets are only opened on Saturday mornings during spring and summer seasons.  Needless to say if I’m going to head into the District – I must be up and out the door by 6am.  If not, parking is a mess and the pickin’s will be slim to none.     For One Loudoun market, I can be out the door by 6:30 and still find a bountiful selection of this and that.

I’m a sucker for Sunflowers.  Huge – dinner plate size sunflowers.   Fresh cut daisies and fresh lavender.  Basil.  Thyme.  Rosemary.  Oregano.  Mint of all flavors.   And not to forget chives for our morning bagels with goat cream cheese.

Back up to this morning – 8:30am.   Wegmans.   Unlike my 6am runs to the typically elbow to elbow “specialty” grocery store, this morning actually wasn’t that bad.  Limited crowd.  I was looking around thinking perhaps the store was closing for good, or just maybe there was a foodie demo in the food court.  But nothing spectacular was happening….only that I find myself being tempted by the asiago bagel sitting along with many other asiago bagels in the pretty bagel display baskets that line the bread aisle.      And then there were those ridiculous buttery croissants.

As I grabbed two of the freshly baked asiago bagels – one for me and one for Football Superstar  another one for me, I circled around the artisan cheeses.  Why not?

If your wondering when the “lesson” in my food shopping 101 will appear on this post.  It’s not.

I’m not even sure why I am posting on nothing but asiago bagels, goat cream cheese, feta cheese, and one buttery croissant.   Which I did save for College Daughter.  After all, she was heading in to work by noon and I thought why not give share this freshly baked buttery croissant.   She got the entire croissant…I’m not that selfish!    My mind quickly thought about cutting it in half but then my good conscious said “stop!”.

I, once again, failed at trying to make my desire for the weekly menu/budget/lunch foods come out on top.   Or just a simple C+ would do!    Blame it on the bread section.   Blame it on the cloudy morning as I sat in traffic.  Blame it on ….. oh, who am I kidding!     I’ll always be a food shopper flying by the seat of my yoga pants.   Today I was wearing a tennis skirt.  No matter what my attire will be… seat will always be flying!


By the way….those asiago bagels are …….die…for!




Food Shopping #101

It has been quite a while since I posted on my food shopping adventures.  So I felt today is the perfect afternoon to do so.   Actually, I just may brag.  Or boast.  Or both!


My recent trip to Costco [usually needs a sturdy prayer] was probably for the first time – a success.  And it’s not because I came home with fiber bar brownies that were $4 off the original price.  It was due to my attention to detail on not only my husbands list he composed the day before – but what items would be most cost affective and beneficial to my household.   On a typical trip to Costco I’m rushing through with the oversize shopping cart trying desperately not to run over the back of any shoppers heals while I scout out samples.  Not this trip.  I was moving at a snails pace.  Glancing at my list.  And then some.   [like the fiber brownies]

I also need to remind myself that at the present time – there are only three people in the home until College Daughter comes home in March.  Then I need to stock up on lots of paper products – as well as hot and spicy Maggi noodle soups.   So working on my meal planner is always a struggle but I plan my week accordingly to everyone else and their on the go schedule.

Back to Costco.   I purchased enough to make a months worth of meals!  As well as coffee filters, toilet paper, paper towels and napkins.  Kodiak pancake mix was a super bargain, and Apple loves pancakes on Saturday mornings!   Football Superstar enjoys snacking on Fancy Mixed Nuts, and of course I go for the fancy mixed muffins.

So I’ll keep my bragging and boasting short and sweet.   But dang I felt so good after that run to Costco that I stopped at Mom’s Apple Pie and grabbed myself a slice of heaven!   Oh, that wasn’t on the list composed by Football Superstar the day before.

My total savings came to $38.09.    You can applaud now.   🙂


Holiday Shopping 101 begins

It’s in the air.  Food shopping centers, malls, even Starbucks are decked out [no pun intended] with their green wreaths, silver and gold, and dozens of real Douglas Fir or Scotch Pine Christmas trees to be oooed and awwwed by  shoppers.

As I entered Wegmans, with determination to remain focused on my grocery list and coupons….I couldn’t help but get distracted by the music [Dave Matthews ] and the crowd that surrounded a culinary expert stir frying something interesting.  I couldn’t see over the crowd, so I continued roaming through the produce section.   Except the aroma coming from Ms. Culinary was amazing!   My mouth began to water and this my friends drew me to the pastry and artisan bread area – right beside the food court.   So with a slice of pizza in one hand….my phone and paper list was placed aside and I began to swirl from aisle to aisle joyfully grabbing all things not needed, but mostly all things needed.  [applaud!!]        College Daughter will be coming home in a few days….another reason to grab ingredients for Grandma Doris’s chicken noodle soup, cakes, Uncle Larry’s mashed red potatoes with herbs, and Hella Of A Good dip.   Dave’s Gourmet pasta sauce(s) and four packs of [cheater version] Peanut Butter cookie mix.   Two packs for College Daughter to take back to VT, and two for the sisters to have fun baking next week.   During my lack of focus on the crowd, Wegmans was beginning to look like the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed to pack this shopping trip up and haul myself over to Whole Foods Market.   [go ahead…start laughing]

The Wegmans crowd was beginning to get restless.   U-turns in the middle of aisles, recklessly crashing into a Redskins Christmas stocking display,  [that was me] checking their watches or phones for the time.   All while eating, drinking coffee or having conversations on their phones.   This is a day in the life of shopping at Wegmans.

Jump ahead – dropped groceries off at home and now to Whole Foods Market.   I found organic wreaths [just kidding] however, the wreaths were adorned with soft muslin ribbon or burlap.    Not too much bling and shine here.   No Dave Matthews piped in….the music was certainly something more meditating, like Shakuhachi.

Oh, no….what do I smell?  Ms. Culinary expert was missing from WFM, but the food court was rocking an aroma that once again…distracted my focus on finding my husbands organic granola.   No, I didn’t grab another slice of pizza….I only walked close enough to smell it…..admire the ten cheese delight….and sooooo I passed by and went directly to the cereal aisle.   I stood in line with four boxes of Ezekiel granola.  As I stood waiting patiently….I couldn’t help but notice the difference of the atmosphere compared to the Grand Prix of Wegmans.   It was as if the organic shoppers were all standing on fluffy clouds – meditating and forgetting it’s Friday, 1:15 pm.   I was the only one looking at my phone for the time.    I began to get sleepy…so unlike me in the middle of the day.  I wanted to just go home and sip vanilla chai.   Amir, my cashier needed to ask twice if I would like a shopping bag.   Yes, please….I can’t carry four boxes of Ezekiel granola to my SUV because I’m comatose.

Holiday food shopping.  It’s in the air.  It’s the beginning of a Grand Prix or total hypnotic-comatose experience.   It’s organic cereal or Betty Crocker [cheater] cookie mixes.   It’s flip-flops or  running shoes.  No matter the direction….it is here!





Food Shopping 101

Oh, you know it.  I’m about to bore the pants off of you once again with my inability to apply my knowledge of using APs and coupons – not being remarkably frugal.

My friend Wendy was insistent I use her Harris Teeter.   She likes their meat department.   Okay I say, okay.  My husband was a little envious that Wendy’s hubby was getting a fabulous homemade meal on Sunday.   After church, Wendy was slathering butter all over a rather large chicken.  I was trying to have a serious conversation with her, but I found myself so distracted at how much butter she was lathering on this bird. That and her adorable vintage apron.  If the butter was sun screen – lets just say no UVA/UVB would get to the delicate skin of this rather gross looking chicken.   But then came the herbs.   My friend just morphed into Martha Stewart!


Football Superstar gently threw out a pass.   I caught his pass.   I purchased a whole chicken and all its accessories.

I also purchased culinary gloves, because I just can’t touch raw naked chicken.  [see disaster post Thanksgiving – 2010]  After I lathered up the bird with sunblock butter, I added Rosemary, Thyme and fresh Parsley.  Dash of Kosher salt and cracked pepper.  Now for the potatoes.  My family loves Uncle Larry’s mashed potatoes, with herbs, cream cheese and sour cream. There were plenty of mashed potatoes.    Brussel sprouts with garlic and olive oil.  And for dessert – Pumpkin cookies!

But as I shopped to prepare this roasted chicken dinner and all it’s fixin’s…..I also needed to get my weekly grocery items too.  I found myself stopping at two different stores.  My typical shopping hangout – Wegmans.  Then to Whole Foods [someone slap me] because it’s the only food store that carries Football Superstar’s granola.  [no shaking your head]   Apple Cheeks likes Wegmans brand individual organic apple sauce packets for lunch and I grabbed vitamins for our College Daughter.

Jake from Wegmans is back in college, new girl Danny is my check-out for today.  Danny is very quiet.  She reminds me of College Daughter, except for the purple stripes that highlight her hair.   Danny never thought to remind me of my coupons or my trendy AP.  Danny has some training to conquer.   Unlike Jake from Wegmans.   At times, I bumped ran over people with my shopping cart to get in his line, I knew my support system was behind his greeting.  Maa’m….AP or coupons?     Danny did ask if I wanted cash back.  After my eyes rolled up in my head when I noticed the total…I said no….oh, my gosh…NO!         I got myself together just in time before I ran over a display of Redskins shirts next to the magazines.   They really need to move that display, because I’m coming back Friday.

I saved $9.81.       So the $9.81 was my partial donation to Whole Foods.    As I checked out at WF‘s Tula greeted me and asked if I found everything that  was on my list.    My list?    Of course I did….your aisle specialist are like security guards at the airport.   Thanks to Tula, I found myself walking jogging to my car singing the sassy French tune that got stuck in my head while running from the security guard aisle specialist because I had chocolate in my hand.   And it wasn’t organic chocolate.  So….I was caught red handed in the junk aisle.   So what- sue me.     But thanks to Tula’s triumphant personality….I managed.

Why do I pick on Whole Foods so much and continue to be one of their consumers?   Why then it wouldn’t  be as exciting would  it?!

* Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies can be found here –      Better Homes and Gardens  

** For the record:  Wendy does not own nor does she have any stock in “her” Harris Teeter.

*** And that baked chicken dinner with all the fixin’s …..lets just say I’ve got a contract to make it again.  [that’s football lingo for this was delicious, lets have it again]

Mint Condition

LISA-PC - 2015-26-8--11-37-36

I have been growing herbs for as long as I can remember.  My all time favorite is mint.    Mint is so fragrant and it’s full of nutrition.  I never realized just how beneficial mint was [to our health] until long after I decided to get into the “mint business”.  In the beginning, I was growing mint because of its fragrance and hardiness to withstand any soil or harsh weather.  It wasn’t until my mother gave me an herbal recipe tea book that I learned the wonders of this pleasant but powerful herb.  And that was 30 years ago!

In my city dwelling years, my sweet neighbor Jeanne [who had the Better Homes & Gardens garden] instructed me on how to grow mint in not only large containers [which look fabulous on any balcony or patio] but in the smallest patch of ground you can possibly imagine.  Mint is invasive, but there isn’t anything I don’t like about this perennial plant.  I swap basil for mint adding it to fresh salads.   Substitute mint for basil for a sweeter pesto.  And not to mention a sweet minty iced tea makes a refreshing twist to those hot summer days.  Plus, mint is good for an upset tummy.   Apple Cheeks eats mint like a rabbit eats clover!

This season, I decided to add apple mint to my container garden.   Beyond the mint, there is basil, rosemary and thyme.

Soon, it will be time to cut back my herbs.  I will dry a few stems of rosemary, basil and mint.  But there will be one container that holds my ol’ time favorite mint – chocolate/spearmint – that will find a sunny spot in the kitchen, and bring lots of summertime flavor to our fall and winter days.

No, I’ve never actually owned a mint business – but my friends who enjoy using mint for cooking, or brewing tea, or just to add to a vase…they know where to come!

I love it when everything is in mint condition!

Going Green

Go green, she said!

It’s good for you, she said!

Detox, detox, detox, she said!

She, my friend Dana, suggested I juice this week.   This all started with a conversation about perimenopause.   Which quickly became a rant about perimenopause.   We shared physicians suggestions….we shared what each one of our physicians passed on to us via paper.    My paper information is known as the Complete Bible of MenopauseSeriously?!

Dr. Notsopersonable, insisted I read this bible back to back.  Learn it.  Read it, over and over again.  When I asked the obvious questions regarding menopause…..Dr. Notsopersonable, gave me the answer I needed…’s time to search for another doctor.

Dana’s doctor, Dr. Reallyreallypersonable, gave her enough information, I believe Dana can now be her own OBGYN.

But detox?!

The conversation rant at the pool ended with Dana bullying encouraging me to detox my body this week with her delicious recipes for green juice.  Now, I’ve fasted before.   So going without a meal or two, for a few hours, or a few days will not  do anything drastic to my system.  During those days of fasting…..I’ve also eaten at least one real meal.  Easter candy does count.

Dana writes down the juicing plan.  I no longer have a juicer, [I didn’t juice before this adventure] the juicer actually was our daughters.  It looked great in my kitchen.  Never used.  But she purchased it for smoothies.   The retro design juicer was sold last August before the big move to college.  Never thought of again.  No worries….Dana has a juicer!!   And not just the Bullet…but the king of juicers…the Omega. She will juice Sunday afternoon and drop off two containers to get me through Tuesday evening.

Come Tuesday evening, she will make a fresh batch of wonder juice, and drop it off for me so I may enjoy this until Friday evening.   Dana insisted I don’t drink commercial juices, as they are nasty!       Like Naked brand.  [I’ll tell you later]

I will honestly admit, Dana rocks at making juices.  The juice is smooth, with no aftertaste.  My head didn’t shake with disgust, and my mouth didn’t reject any of the green combinations.    And best of all….it’s a detox.   Great for us women who are enjoying the merry “peri” stages of menopause.  Where your body becomes bloated  and your emotions take on an impersonation of Godzilla.

I’ve always cried at dog food commercials.  Now, I wrap my arms around the TV and try to hug the dog.  Lets hope this detox works on the mental cleansing of this body.

Day #1 was rough.  No, make that challenging.  Actually, King Kong was here.  I never thought about ripping food from anyone’s hand before…..but as I watched a teacher friend of mine slowly eat and enjoy her custard sundae [no name dropping] I almost stuck my hand into the cloud of whipped cream that just floated across layers of chocolate fudge, which laid perfectly upon the rich chocolate custard.     I hope you enjoyed your sundae – Tracie!

By the end of Monday evening, I had my last 8 oz. glass of green juice.   Here’s where the Naked brand of juice comes in.

I ran to Whole Foods for banana’s.  I noticed Naked brand juice, thinking that it would be good to have on hand, just incase I drink Dana’s concoction before she whips up another fresh batch.  She really never mentioned this brand – and it’s the top choice of juicers in two fitness centers who push juices after working out.  [geez, what do I know]

OMYGOSH!  All I can say is Apple described this juice so perfectly when she said it looked like I was drinking swamp water.

And if I didn’t know the difference, it could have been swamp water.  Fermented, disgusting, thick and pulpy, smelly swamp water.  I called Dana to update her on my progress.   She laughed until her sides hurt.   She couldn’t stop thinking about the green pulp attached to my lip.  An hour later…..I was still staring at the swamp water.   I wanted to be detoxed… I drank it.

I passed out in my bed beautifully.   From sheer exhaustion.  Not sure if it was due to hunger or the fact that I tired myself out from fighting off whipped cream moments, and having two accountability people.  Dana and Aprel.   As for my husband, he’s so proud.   At what I ask?   At my will-power or because I didn’t destroy the kitchen looking for crumbs.

This marks day #2.

I really enjoy drinking the juice made with parsley, celery, cucumber, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, green apple, mint and lemon.

This morning was busy, I didn’t have time to watch anyone eat real food.   And the temptation to grab a bite of Apple’s bagel before we ran out the door never occurred to me.  The morning juice [gorilla milk] is for taking the place of a meal.  Perfect.  Tummy is full.

It wasn’t until we stopped at Honda to get my tires rotated, that I smelled Starbucks coffee, which I don’t think is wonderful coffee, but today….I could have sucked down the vanilla iced drink.  The young professional sitting across from me held his venti close.  Very close.   King Kong was in the building.

And this evening…..September’s cat kibble was looking mighty yummy.

I’m no quitter.   But as Dana checked in tonight about an hour ago, I told her Saturday morning – this detox ends.

I’ve got places to go over the weekend – food to eat!  And how embarrassing would it be to grab food off of other people’s plates while we dine with family and friends?    She laughed until her sides hurt.   Then she got herself together and said….”we are doing this once a month”.

Stay tuned…..

I Surrender!


I wave my white flag.

Two months ago I received an e-mail from a reader, [not a fellow blogger] pointing out my failed attempts to grocery shop and with that save money.   Now, as I write this post….this is in no way to create a ” word war” or to lose readers.  My attempt to surrender explain why I continue to post on my failure in the grocery shopping category….is honestly….for fun.  My poke fun at thyself… pretty much just that.  I always stay clear of political conversations, I dare not post on topics I prefer to avoid – even if I were with you in person.    I just enjoy writing [in my journal] about my life and loves.  And, my Loves, love me even though I am flawed when it comes to grocery shopping.   🙂

So if you want some entertainment …. read on.

More highlights on chain food stores;

Whole Foods– I’m learning to dress a little less 1970’s hippie chic.  Even though this green food store promotes au naturale.  When I feel the urge to make a quick trip to WF‘s….I make an conscious effort to wear my cute JoFit tennis skirt [I do not play tennis] matching tank top and flip-flops.  [no tennis shoes!]  This disguise helps so I don’t stand out – yes, this way I am not approached by an employee  effortlessly working to sell me something for my wrinkles and crinkles or tummy bloat.  I prefer to grab and go.  Past shopping experiences at WF‘s pushed me to make a trip to Wegmans which then placed me in a carb coma.

Trader Joe’s LOVE this place!  Luckily for me it’s not just a ten minute drive.  I believe when school is back in session, I will schedule my shopping trips to Trader Joe’s – this way I can sit in traffic for 45 minutes and snack.

Lotte– If I need to find unique Asian vegetables or noodles, I’ll go here.  When we first moved here to NoVA, I was introduce to Lotte, by a Korean neighbor.  At the time, Miss Lie, wanted to take our oldest daughter along in order to have her appreciate and enjoy foods for Asia.  So, we went.  It took a few moments for me to catch my breath from the fresh raw seafood that was thrown on a slab behind the FISH COUNTER.  College Daughter grabbed a few bags of Calbee chips [hot&spicey] and took off with her gymnast friend, leaving me with my neighbor, who we met in the parking lot of Lotte.  As Miss Lie and I strolled slooowly, through each slippery aisle, it almost felt as if I was back in China shopping at an open air market.  Almost five years later, I still make an occasional trip to Lotte.    *wear sneakers so you don’t slip in the FISH COUNTER section.

I look at my grocery shopping trips as an adventure.  Years ago, Football Superstar and I would flip a coin, I tell you no lie, we would flip a quarter to see who would go food shopping.  It’s not that he thoroughly enjoys this task, but he typically takes longer because he’s a label reader.   Fresh produce squeezer, smeller and sometimes taster.  [I married my father!]

He looks for quality, but value  So over the years of shopping with my husband, I’ve learned to control my child-like tantrums while at Costco, [it helps they have samples] Wegmans, Fresh Market and any farmers market.  Which an organic farmers market has traveled to One Loudoun….I wonder how these organic farmers travel each Saturday morning with their produce.  I see it like a band of gypsies….flowers, veggies, fruits, holistic oils….no junk food..where’s the junk food?

Food shopping has become my responsibility.  My task to uphold.  My rollercoaster to ride on.  And it has been, and probably always will be a rollercoaster ride.   I dislike rollercoasters.   But my family needs food, and I’m going  back week after week – seat belt fastened – coupons or no coupons [doesn’t matter because I forget I have them!] to bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan.

Yes, I surrender to you – upon an explanation I can not give why I suck at shopping.

Happy Monday – I’m going to Wegmans.