Hatching the Decision Egg

While driving home from Costco this afternoon I was playing back the conversation in my mind – the one Football Superstar and I had over coffee this morning.     I’m laughing while driving on Rt. 7, heading south in full blown NoVA traffic.   No one notices my laughter because it’s like the Indy 500 to reach the next traffic light.   Every once in awhile I have an thought of what I didn’t purchase at Costco.   I’m fasting for Lent – it takes everything I have to walk past the Lindt chocolate sample booth.    Pirate Booty cheese puffs.   Okay, so Pirate Booty went in my oversized box to come home for our lake trip.   Give a girl a break.


Football Superstar:    “do you have any interest in returning to the classroom?”

Me:    “I haven’t given it much thought – but I do miss the special ed. program, if  I return to work outside of the home – I’ll look more at social services again.”   “why?”

Football Superstar:   “I think you should take a course in designing, or staging…you could -as you say “channel your inner Jolene Gaines” and enjoy doing what you love.”

Me:   “it’s Joanna Gaines….and what you’re saying is…. you wouldn’t need to pay a Stager for your listings?!  ( laughing because he called my favorite decorator Jolene)

Football Superstar:   “think about it….you could create your own schedule….other realtors would use your services…..you miss having your vintage business…..and I think it would be fun for you….and yes, (he snickers) I would have a “free” Stager.”

Me:    “I’ll give it some thought…..do you really think I should do it?…….geez, what if I only work for you for the rest of my Staging life!…..(I crack myself up) ……you realize you are asking me to make a decision…..and I’m skipping a meal which I can’t make any decisions during lunch time…..I have no chocolate in the house…..making decisions without chocolate for me is like asking Murphy to make a decision on which tennis ball she likes best.”

Football Superstar:   “just think about it…..you would be great at staging.”

decisions-and-impulsivity                                                                             Decisions.

I’ll sit on this staging egg.  See how it hatches.    But my husband who knows me so well is right about one thing – and that’s how much I miss having my shop.  If a particular someone is reading this (Gracie) you know that Joanna/Jolene Gaines stole my ideas!  I’m serious!   I watch Fixer Upper and I’m talking to Jojo and Chip – announcing to them that I did the exact funky-junky whitewashed table eight years ago!   The owner of a tea room purchased it for her kitchen!  Hey!….those candle sconces are table legs!  We had those!!!  You get the picture.  On a serious note – I adore the Gaines and their show is fun to watch.    She stole my cupcake idea as well.    [giggle]

  Though I continue to keep Simple Dimple‘s Facebook page and sale page up to date (as much as I can)  owning a full-time business in this area is very competitive and expensive.   My shop was located on my property when we lived in Pennsylvania.    It was the perfect location and super convenient for me, especially after Apple Cheeks was born.    For now, I’ll settle for being a vendor during seasonal events in historic areas of Virginia, DC’s summer market days and the occasional charity event.

Who knows what the egg will hatch out.  Or when it will hatch.    I’ll let you all know!

But before I turn into this >  Bride-of-Frankenstein-Bride-Screaming  I’m going to go eat a handful of pistachios.

14 more days until this >  70458e921d17c728271de30a1d33770a

Happy Spring!!


questions to answers

I’m a slacker when it comes to following up on Momma Daisy e-mail or Facebook messenger questions.   So I apologize at this very moment.   I’m sorry.  Very sorry.  Those bloggers who post daily or weekly are on their game.   I, however, not so much.

Question:    “Where are your (Momma Daisy) post on Shopping 101?”

 Answer:    Honestly, my shopping days [Shopping 101] are so scattered with weekly shopping at various locations – my mind has two gears, go and get back.   I miss documenting my shopping adventures because truthfully my shopping moments are exactly what I’ve posted.   My hubby isn’t shocked by any of my stories shared at the dinner table.   I believe he stopped shaking his head.    But I promise to get back on track with Shopping 101!

Question:    “What happened with your pups adventures and her Golden Glory family?”

Answer:         Murphy (our Golden Retriever pup) is still very much an active member of our clan.  Murphy’s Golden Glory family in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania is very much a  part of her life.  Unfortunately we haven’t been to Pennsylvania for some time, so Murphy hasn’t seen Roo (her mommy) or Momma Arlene.   However….our crazy, happy, loving and oh so adventurous pup has her own blog and social media page on Facebook.   If you’re feeling just as adventurous stop by and follow along on Murphy’s journey!                     Unofficial:  Murphy’s law                            http://murphygoldengirl.blogspot.com

Question:   “I recently read your blog post from 3/15/16 “Book Hoarder”, have you read any good books lately or have you collected any good books lately?”

Answer:     I’m laughing.   Yes and yes.   I’ve read some very good books over our mild winter.  And yes on the collecting.  Just this Tuesday I enjoyed  coffee with a good friend and walked out of the coffee shop with two gently used books.   Mother Teresa just happens to be one of my inspirations.  So I found a book of her personal stories I’ve never read before.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta by Leo Massburg.    And at $3 how could I resist?!      Instructions for a Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell is sitting on my desk under a pile of paperwork ready to be picked up, opened up and enjoyed.

*more good reads:    Ask Bob  by Peter Gethers                                                                                                                                 Archipelago     by Monique Roffey

Question:     “Post more photos along with your blog post.”

Answer:      Okay.     I’ll keep that in mind when posting.   But I want to respect our oldest children and my youngest if they don’t always want to be posted on mom’s blog.   But the pup has no issues!    😉

Keep the questions coming!      Most of all, thank you for your questions and continued reading of Momma Daisy!



Lessons from a dog.

It seems like forever since I’ve posted – so before I begin to lose readers/followers….I better say something!


Life has been in the fast lane for us, and I’m sure many of you have your own lane or have been in some type of race since summer opened up the starting gates.

I had every intention of posting [again] of the debates, the election, the candidates, and their messiness.   I even made a time after all my sleepyheads went off to bed – for me time.  My time to set up the laptop on the balcony, along with fresh brewed ice tea.   Raspberry flavor.   But that “my time” fell hard on Murphy’s dog bed which resembles a white water rafting craft.  Large enough for three dogs or one dog and two humans, or two dogs and one human.  Doesn’t matter, it’s large enough for me to flop down on and not wake up in time to get out my laptop and begin to post.  I woke up an hour later with a fuzzy head on top of my own.  Drool and tennis ball in her mouth as she slept.  I’ll never understand.  And perhaps she is the reason I changed my mind on the blog topic.


What if we just took the time to slowly watch our lives play out.  What if planet earth stood still.  Would we?    I listen to the news, it shows up on my news feed, it’s everywhere.  Even poolside conversations begin to become somewhat political.    I’ve avoided Facebook for this very reason.   We can go from wishing everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to – she’s this and he’s that.   We worship celebrities and give thanks to those who make an appearance at a peace walk.  We give materialistic views the priority instead of thinking about how we, ourselves can take “us” out of the priority.   I hear hatred and bitterness in the voices of adults.  How are we to expect our children to become better “people”.   Yes, the beautiful quotes and photos of people from all walks of life holding hands, embracing, smiling together makes us feel there is hope.  But what happens when these Facebook pictures, tweets and peaceful protest become like every other novelty?    We move on with our lives.  Purchase the latest technology.   Watch our lives move in the fast lane.   We forget what happens until….until another tragedy takes place.


I won’t pretend I’m not worried about what is about to unfold come November.   But I refuse to become the very reason we protest, hate, discriminate, and can only speak of what is happening in our fast lanes.    Who’s right and who’s left?    I don’t care who’s lane your in.   I’m going to care about you either way.    Even if you don’t care about my lane.  But you will not find me pushing into another lane to prove my point.   You won’t find me switching lanes because I refuse to hold on to my values and morals.   But you will find me working hard to stay in my lane – and working to slow down my speed.   I don’t want my life to play out without me watching every moment of it.   We may not be able to change our schedules or routines.   But I’m going to try with all my will to watch it.  Watch life.

I know sleeping with a tennis ball in my mouth looking completely peaceful is out of the question.   But I did watch for a moment – eyes closed tight – looking as if life is carefree and in the slow lane.

Lessons from a dog.   One very happy and peaceful dog.





To You…


Mother’s Day.   noun.  A day of the year where mothers are honored by their children.  A day to celebrate and/or honor.

On this Mother’s Day I would like to honor you.  My followers, my fellow bloggers and to one of my mentors who inspires me the most to write, Brenda.

The month of May is always jammed with “somethings”.    This year we have just about every weekend on the calendar marked with either a vacation, a party or an event to attend.  As much as I can’t wait to see family, friends and a sandy beach….May is going to come and go before I know it.  So I requested this Mother’s Day – the actual day of our celebration and/or day to be honored, we I do absolutely nothing.  We get home Saturday evening from an office event and honestly I would love to just do nothing!   My family feels my nothing filled day will stop me from having the opportunity to be honored, or celebrated and taken out for a nice dinner where we can sit with other mother’s eating al fresco and……

There is one place I would like to go.  To a garden center in Frederick.   I love Frederick Maryland.  I will purchase more herbs to plant in my container garden, and we can stop at my favorite hole in the wall and eat crab cakes.  And even Murphy may join in the fun!

Mother’s Day is whatever you, mom, mommy, mother, momma want it to be.  You’re honored and celebrated no matter what is on the menu.

So I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to you!

With daisies and hugs,

Momma Daisy 13151790_710379425732372_53117142505798991_n



The Gap

Typically I keep quiet when it comes to my political opinions.   I don’t want to judge anyone.  I don’t want to dissect anyone’s choice of party.   It’s my choice, just as it is yours.  But now something in me has changed.  I can’t just sit back and listen to grown men and a woman turn hate into more hate.   And yes, they are all guilty of playing this game.   A very unfair and unwanted game that has entered my life.  It’s all around us.   Living outside the doorstep of our nations capital has placed us in the center ring for political mayhem.

The candidate I prefer is no longer.   My second choice is not looking too good either.   The candidate[s] who lead both parties are exactly whom I would suspend if I were playing the lead in an administrators role.   We refuse to allow bullying in our schools – yet we applaud and roar with pride when a voice projects hate.


When I first noticed the above photo – I couldn’t help but notice the gap between the two people.  As the one person reaches for the other, I hear two things:  “we can do this together”  and “you won’t fail”.  

You can’t see what race these people are.  You don’t know their religious views.  You don’t know their ages.    But what I see is two people working together.   No matter what views they may agree or disagree on.

Is this what we have come to, a nation that brings people together in their communities, cities, work places, schools and homes promoting battle of the fittest?  The most wealthy?  The most arrogant?    Lies?

I know before you tell me politics have always been a world series of lies and twisted truths.  Secrets and wealth.   But you can’t ignore the voices.  Growing up I don’t and can’t remember any candidate swearing on stage and using adjectives to describe their body parts.   My father who is 89 years old supported my memory.   He agrees that this campaign season is one he would rather forget.

I think about my children.   Especially our youngest.   She is beginning to question the integrity and the morals of each candidate.  Apple herself had her own candidate she favored.   As her fourth grade class cast their “votes”,  I found it interesting on whom she voted for, and why she chose this particular candidate.   His respectful tone.   His kind smile.  [that one!]  He was smart and had class.  {{!}}     College Daughter has a totally different opinion and sees the world through a different color lens.  And not rose colored, but at this time in her life – the only color she can see and that is “what’s best for me today, not really worried about tomorrow” color.     [go ahead and laugh, I am]

Football Superstar and I are not planning a move to Canada.  However, my mother was a quarter French Canadian and we have a lovely host daughter, Niki, living in Vancouver this year until she returns to her homeland of the Czech Republic.    It would be wonderful to spend more time with Niki!

I thought perhaps a warm sunny – year round island would be a wonderful place to raise our social butterfly daughter. [meaning she would dry up from not talking]   Apple could sell sea shells and braided bracelets by the beach to tourist.    Football Superstar and I could live in a self made hut like those on Gilligan’s Island.   We could live off of coastal fishing and love.

Reality is something must change.   I refuse to breed hate with more hate.   And just to be clear….this is my opinion, my rant.   In churches and in the work place.  In our schools and in our communities.    How is it that we are to lecture and place ” free zones” on our youth today when we have adults who are running for the most important position in the United States behaving in such a way – the exact behavior we are trying to stop.   Do we build up walls?   Do we knock people down with hate?      As a woman, I don’t want my daughters to have a presidential role model who doesn’t respect others.  As a mother, I don’t want my daughters to think being successful is about playing the game.

Have I thought about exercising my right as an American not to vote?     Yes.   Should I not show up at the polls?  No.   It’s not setting an example for my children, and I personally wouldn’t feel right about myself.   But I am tormented by the idea of both.   Vote.  Not vote.     I have a gap.

My father came here as an immigrant child of two immigrant parents.    I have very little family here in the states.  I do have some family members who are of a different race.    I have a child from a different country.    I have friends who I love dearly who are not of my faith.    I am not hate.


Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.      ~Mother Teresa








Sunny with Rain…but it’s Sunny


It is absolutely beautiful here today around the DC Metro area.  I have my windows open, the gentle breeze is flowing in each window.  It almost feels like May.    I love the month of May.

But before the windows opened – and  the spring like feeling  embraced me – I had rain.

Today I asked for my mother back.  I wanted her to be standing in my kitchen [or me in hers] listening to my mother remind me what adulthood is all about.  As she would hug me letting me know this is not an abnormal feeling.  It’s normal.  I’m not crazy.  I’m not losing my mind.  I’m quite capable of working through this …. whatever this is.


What this is is me on limited sleep and high caffeinated beverages.   Supercharged emotions keeping me moving, yet too many sleepless nights have me ready to book a cruise, even though I despise cruise ships.    And then my guilt kicks in because I don’t want to book any cruise on some contaminated ship full of tourist wearing their Lilly Pulitzer attire waiting for the next port.

I’m waiting for the rain to stop on this beautifully perfect sunny day.

Murphy started out my sleeplessness by making two visits to the veterinarians office.     After numerous test, and X-ray, some antibiotics and a bland diet….Dr. B, is hoping Murphy will only be back to visit on the next puppy physical scheduled in two weeks.    Mulch has been her obsession, however mulch is the devil in this scenario. [I’ll spare you the graphic details]  She’s going to learn rather quickly some new commands, or wear the cone of shame.   No matter the outcome – Murphy gave us quite a scare.

I later learned that a high school friend passed away suddenly.   It was shocking to many of us.  Sabrey followed Momma Daisy as well as Murphy’s law blog.   A wife, mother and sister.   A friend to many.

I have no right to complain.

College Daughter came home Saturday morning.    This was her day for oral surgery.  Dr. P, is amazing, and comes highly recommended in the DC Metro area.   However, when a twenty year old searches high and low on the internet of complications from wisdom teeth extraction- though she was instructed not to do so from Dr. P and his staff – as well as her father and I – everyone else and everything else became her absolute truth.   You must love Facebook and the monumental support of comments that only put her more over the edge.  Those peeps became a piñata for me in my dreams.   Just kidding!   No, really I’m not because I’m still coming down off of a Caramel Mocchiato – Venti.       no decaf please

College daughter came out of her surgery just fine.  Dr. P, and Football Superstar walked her to the elevator as I worked as valet parking – thanking those patrons from Bar Louie as to not bark at me for blocking their view of Redskins park or the super televisions that play videos or sports channels 24/7.    The beginning of Al fresco dining.

Football Superstar needed to meet an out of state client.   I drove home trying not to laugh at our daughter who continuously patted my arm as if she were petting Murphy.   Mumbling things, giggling, then hysterically laughing.   Mumbling “I love you”….to “where’s that”….. to finally floating back into the state I found her in after surgery.

Once we arrived home – I got her in bed.    I sat for one moment.    Looking at Murphy, thinking about the daughter who is home – that moment when she was a toddler having surgery on her hand and feet right after arriving on US soil.

I began to cry.   Wanting my mother so badly.   Asking her if I’m doing this right.

Why am I twisting with torment by everything?  I’m not the one with puppy-poopers and a swollen jaw.    It’s not my tornado.   It was College Daughters and puppy Murphy’s perfect storm.

My mother did show up.  I found her smile.  Her soft soothing voice telling me I am doing everything just fine.    And though I carried the anchor for pulling this perfect storm in thanks to a wonderful supportive husband, caffeine and Godiva extra dark chocolate brownie mix –  I’m dried out.     The sunshine dried up the rain.


It doesn’t erase my desire to have my mother here with me.  I know it’s selfishness as well.   My selfishness to hand over the storm to a woman who carried many anchors.  She could calm the worst of storms.   And she never booked a cruise on a contaminated cruise ship with tourist wearing their Lilly Pulitzer attire.   But she did book a vacation – a far away vacation.


Thank you Mother.














Good Lock


Sometimes I love a good lock.   The one that smiles from the other side of our powder room door.  Privacy.

Though I may only need good lock to brush my teeth, or try to comb my hair, add a little eye make-up before heading out the door…..this lock at times, is my good friend.


February has been a whirl-wind of busyness.   Even through our snow storm, it seems as if I haven’t had [or maybe taken the time] to catch up on many things.  My volunteer time at church, my PTO involvement and not to mention my home.

Bringing home little Murphy didn’t add to my routine, but she certainly has become a major part of my routine.   Murphy is a joy, and we couldn’t be more in love with this bundle of fuzz.  Even through the snow and ice….she had no problems learning to “go potty” outside.   We bundled up – tracked through the white stuff as she jumped and leaped over it.  Rolling and making snow-dog angels.   It’s like having a new born baby.  You make the routine and schedule for the babe, and you have a lot of coffee on hand.


Just look at these two darlings.  Apple and Murphy have such a bond and love for one another.  Murphy just about jumps out of her fuzz before Apple can take off her coat and backpack to play!  Our home is filled with the joy and love of a furbaby once again.


Apple has been busy too.  Her chorus group worked hard at their performance of “The Cat & the Rat” a Folk Tale from the West Indies.  Apple loves chorus, and she has no problem singing or speaking in front of an audience.  She stays calm and focused.   Way to go Apple Cheeks!  Swimming keeps her busy and in good condition through this blah winter.   She is looking forward to summer  competitions….especially using the outdoor pools.

College Daughter comes home for her spring break next weekend.   However for her, she won’t be heading to the beaches or spending time with her friends in North Carolina.  College Daughter will be having oral surgery, and recovering for the week in her bedroom here at home.  I told her just think of all the milkshakes and smoothies she can have!

And as for Football Superstar and myself….we are both looking forward to some warmer weather.   We found daffodil’s popping up through the mulch bed.  There are more chirps coming from the yard from little chick-a-dee’s.   These little birds are cute from my kitchen window…but that’s about as close as I’ll get!

Now as for the good lock.   It’s a friend to rely on when that “alone time” is needed.  Our time together doesn’t last long… there are moments we have little interruptions, such as September Moon’s little paws sliding under the door slapping at the air.   There’s the occasion knock because someone has misplaced something or they just want to know what you are doing.   [that always makes me laugh]

Apparently I’m missed.

My personal down time is rare.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.




time to Reflect …not Whine

The first week after the busyness of the holiday season.  It was time to move on with our daily routines, juggling schedules and activities that are highlighted on our calendars.

Football Superstar went  to his office early today – so we didn’t have our Thursday morning client review as we typically chisel out for Thursday’s over coffee and bagels.

I don’t have my vacuum back – as promised by Jay from ACEVACUUM because I blew out an important part in the motor.  I’m telling you this because I really should be cleaning up pine needles and glitter that September some how finds.  I swear this cat can find the tiniest speck of glitter and stalk it four hours!

Why couldn’t Jay make sure my vacuum was ready for me this morning?  [because Jay doesn’t owe you that explanation seeing you’re the one who blew up the motor – he had to order the part!] Why didn’t I grab eggs at Wegmans yesterday?  [because you don’t need them – only for the brownies – once again- not needed] Why does the media hype up everything?  [because they can]

Whine.  To complain.  [to not Reflect]

Before I could finish my tea – it dawned on me that I had this exact conversation [about reflecting] with College Daughter Saturday as we were unpacking her groceries.  She wanted to return back to Blacksburg before Monday, in order to get hours for work.  The catering company informed her they had enough hours for the first week of January – and possibly give her a good solid three weeks of work until classes started up for the year.   We no sooner unpacked her items, when a text came through from her boss.  She will not have any more than 20 hours before January 18th.  After she hissed and growled [can’t remember which came first] Football Superstar told her to take this time and utilize it while she has no roommates or other distractions.  Then I come in with “reflect“.  Football Superstar turned away to quietly laugh – while the hissing and growling continued.

Reflect.   I like that word.  Give it some thought.



Jay just called – my vacuum will be ready by 6:30pm.    Reflect.



Ring out the old…Ring in the new

I’m not sure about this ringing out old…ringing in new.  When I hear [or read] those words my mind hears the sound of a needle scratching across a record.  You know that ziiiiiiiiiiiipp sound?

I doubt when Alfred Tennyson wrote the words to this poem it wasn’t meant to be taken lightly.   And I’m not poking fun at Mr. Tennyson – it’s just that I haven’t been one to make New Years resolutions  for many [many] years.   I try.   I fail.  I’ve tried again.   And I’m certainly not alone at this failed attempt to keep the new in resolution all year long!

I can’t say that I’ll become more involved in my political affairs, because frankly I’m embarrassed at most of the behaviors from both parties  that I have witnessed [when I permit the news to be on] so I refuse to get involved in door knocking and sign hanging.  I can’t say that I’ll be joining the newest fitness center opening in One Loudoun just to say I joined yet another fitness center for 2016.   I certainly can’t say that I’ll make any commitment for giving up my chocolate!   But what I can say is that 2015 was a year I won’t forget.  Nor do I want to.  My family experienced some sadness, but we gained the memories of what we lost.   We may have needed to weather some storms, but what came out of that storm made us stronger.  We gained new friendships and extended our family.  We found joy in the simplest ways.

If I look back to 2011, I am in awe at where we have come.  So much that I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for us.  But no matter what….we have each other.  I have a wonderful husband.  We have our children.  We have our health.  We have our family and friends.

By the time December 2016 brings back the holiday shopping in masses, jockeying for parking at Tysons, or  online tickets for Festivals of Lights….I’m going to breath and continue smiling.

Please as you ring in or out your New Year….remember those who may be less fortunate than you, return a kind gesture, share your smile with someone who has a frown, through the tragedy or evil darkness that our world has experienced or may continue to experience….no terrorist can take away our inner peace.  Nothing should take that away.  I must thank my French friends, and Apple’s French study teacher for showing me strength and courage.  As they say in France “Paix sur la terre”  .

May your New Year bring you joy, happiness, good health and love.

Peace on Earth – Happy 2016!










I planned on posting about my adventurous Christmas shopping from earlier this week.  But after my experience today – the Tysons Town Center and Costco shopping trips seem awfully boring to me now.  Even my break down at Wal-Mart yesterday.  [yep…I had a good cry in the car]

I recently volunteered with our church to be part of the Community Outreach Program.  There are several opportunities to serve, and I have been wanting to get connected in other areas, especially while researching facilities and organizations that welcome service dogs.  Today, we went to an assisted living center.   Those residents who are interested, or are capable of joining their fellow residents in the gathering room, come to listen to the Pastor speak, joke, pray or counsel.   On this particular day, it was a special ice cream social/ Christmas carol social.   I was amused to find that I was not the only other person in the group who couldn’t carry a tune.  An adorable woman sat on my right – wearing only her best Holiday sweater, gold jewelry and sparkly shoes.  The two of us were in sync as we carried our own tune to Joy To The World.

But it wasn’t until the ice cream social when I met the most sparkly of women.  As I walked to the dining hall, there she was.  Definitely a favorite holiday shirt.  Purple with gems.  Trimmed with ivory lace.  Light lavender slacks, and winter white skimmers.  She was sitting in a Duet Transport.   I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.  She must have been very beautiful in her youth.  She smiled as bright as her shirt, while complimenting me on my “pretty sweater”.  [nothing special – Orvis brown and tan sweater]    She had me at hello.

I immediately sat down beside Mary-Ellen.   A DC native, she spoke with such elegance but had the best sense of humor.  She’s 90 years young.  Her favorite Christmas movie is Charlie Brown.  Her favorite movie – Gone with the Wind.    Loves to play Bridge, and wins most of the time.   She has three children and 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  Mary-Ellen gets her nails polished and her hair “set” every week by the beautician who comes to the resident home.   I loved listening as Mary-Ellen talk about her Washington DC.   She was born in 1925.  What became of the District in the 40’s and 50’s.   The architecture and the night life of a time gone by.  She made the District of Columbia sound so romantic.  [I’m a hopeless romantic anyway]

It was time to grab our commuter bus home.   We all gathered around saying our goodbyes, wishing happiest of holidays or better yet – hope to see you again(s)….I saved Mary-Ellen for last.   She had a smile to light up her District of Columbia.   Something tells me Mary-Ellen from Washington DC, had quite a life.  And still does.

On the way home, I watched the rain pound on the bus window.  I found myself giggling thinking about Mary-Ellen’s bright and fancy holiday outfit.   Her smile and her personality.   What type of life did this Fancy Nancy have?  I hope to learn more next month when I go back.  I never had any interest in learning Bridge, but I  may learn the game just to spend more time with Mary-Ellen.

Today was better than any day I spent Christmas shopping this week.  I was humbled.  Thankful to have met this gentle woman who just happens to have a little jazz and pizazz in her soul!

Oh, Mary-Ellen…how I look forward to my next visit!