I was not going to post on this topic.  Actually my husband tried to encourage me not to think anymore about what has become the social media sensation.   I’ve stayed clear of this mega mess of a political campaign.    What an embarrassment.   Deep deep down inside my core I felt many emotions.   These two are the best we as Americans can elect to represent the parties?     I guess so.


Moving on to the present.   So perhaps you may or may not have voted.   Perhaps you did and your vote was a dream come true.  Perhaps you voted and you felt stuck between a rock and another rock.   Or perhaps you didn’t vote at all.    I voted.   As I walked into the voting center with my tail between my legs I was nervous and scared.   I was wishing I could just walk out and not be seen.   Football Superstar felt strongly we go in and vote, and though he disliked (I’m not going to really say what he said) the two academy awarded nominees…..he voted.    As I penned in my choice (I so wanted to pen in my pups name) I felt nauseated.    Football Superstar drove me home and went to pick up my favorite coffee cafe’s pick – of -the-week.  And it didn’t begin with the letter C or T.      We then talked for awhile before he headed to the office.


Jumping over the game board.   We, the Americans have a new Commander in Chief.   We are swarmed with social media banter and criticism.  With a glittery touch of celebration.

I’ve not celebrated nor am I swarming you on social media with my views.   They are mine and will remain mine – forever and ever.      What I will share with you – (and this is where I probably should rethink posting this post)  is when did celebrities become our value system?      When did an actress or actor become the role model in our homes?   In our children’s lives?     Sure, celebrities hold a higher ground when it comes to raising their voices – and giving charity support – and maybe at times making sense.   But when did we begin to worship these folks of fame?       I’m not talking about the young girl crush either.  I’m talking about cheering on and Tweeting back or yelling back and being down right nasty – you said this and he said that and she is this…..


Allow me to tell you something about BULLYING.   That raw word flows both up and down the stream.   With Ms. Streep speaking out (no I didn’t watch the show) against Bullying and Trump Tweeting back I felt as if I was sitting in the center of a Middle School classroom during the morning news.    If I could see both Streep and Trump, I would ask them to come spend time (not an hour or just a day) a very long time in a school that is blanketed with hate and bullying.   Who’s the adult here?     And we….Americans feed into this sh*t!

I’m going to just say it…..Mr. Trump didn’t start hate.   It was already in their hearts.  Does he never stop with the radical immature comments and behavior – no.    Will he?  I don’t know.    Does Ms. Streep think that her good natured speach the other evening heal what has been done in Chicago?   In North Carolina?    Does she?   I don’t know.

What I do know is I’ve had it with the tennis match of nasty and who has the better behavior.   I’ve heard worse come from her mouth.   I’m about over what comes out of his mouth.

Hate is in the hearts before it surfaces.   Do some have a following – of course.  But no matter what hate is in the heart before it surfaces.   Don’t fall in the traps of social media and the fabricated stories that are there for our entertainment.    Spend time with any social worker or school counselor and their files are piling up.    They know first hand what bullying and hate is – what it does to children.    Celebrities can help in many ways – but they can also create the damage.

Why are we not trying to be the better?    Why does it take a man like Trump, or a woman like Streep or a group of protesters to raise America to it’s potential?

I need to be the role model for my daughters.   Not her.  Not you.   Not them.   I will work the best to my ability to show them what it means to be kind, value what you have, love who you are and don’t allow hate to win.    Words can be tricky.   Be careful of what you do with your words.    And who you celebrate.

Oh, only if I could speak directly to Mr. Trump and Ms. Streep….. I’d love to tell them to Shu…..UP!      Get up off your expensive deary-reary’s and do what your mouth isn’t doing.

Football Superstar just read over this and said “let it go”.   So I decided to sing it “let it go – let it go”.

*disclosure:   Public service announcement – before I’m deleted or become the back end of social media – this was not to bully Trump or Streep.   They were used as tools.    Okay, well maybe not tools, but examples.  Okay, maybe not examples….yeah, I guess they were targets of my post.      * I had a dream last night that I ran up on the stairs of the Capitol building before inauguration began – I grabbed the microphone and as I started to speak – my voice was that of an auctioneer.     I was auctioning off things I had no idea were at an inauguration.   *


The end.





silent heart

today I sit here listening to the rain patter against my kitchen window.   it’s a slow moving rain.  this is the kind of rain that comes to join the flow of tears.


I was given the news of a dear friends death yesterday.   Her life cut short from a darkness that does not discriminate.   My mind hasn’t stopped asking the questions- wondering why.  Trying to replay our last few conversations.   Was there a subtle hint of sadness in her tone.  Did I miss something.

“M” and I met when our pup, Murphy was only four months old.  She and her husband recently brought home their  three month old pup.   Monster and Murphy became instant besties.   “M” joined our puppy play group.   As time grew – “M” became more like the younger sister I never had.   Her outward beauty matched the inner beauty.   Her neighborly graciousness was beyond what you could imagine.   “M” would have fit the mold of the 1930’s adoring housewife – only adding her own artistic style.   She was an artist.   A designer.


Within the past few months I’ve attended suicide prevention lectures/forums for our school district.   The rise of high school students ending their lives has risen.   These events have given our community a reason to join forces learning “signs” and or “verbal cues” that could be picked up from someone who has thought of taking their life.   Working in social services we were trained on what to look for – or what do say/do if a student or client were to give us a reason they are suicidal.    But I would have never given any thought.   There were no warning signs.


“M” and I chatted the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.   We planned to meet for tea at our local coffee cafe.   “M” sent me a text letting me know that day just didn’t work because she had a lot of packing to do before the movers arrived – as they were planning to move in their new townhouse during Thanksgiving weekend.    She and her husband were going to be attending an event on Saturday with us, so I was really looking forward to seeing them.

Saturday at 11am, I received a message from “M” telling me a family emergency came up and they would not be able to make it to the event.    I replied to her directly after reading her message – my usual – sad face emoji and lets make up the time – soon!    It was Sunday at 9:30am I then read her last message to me – “you’re such a good friend” with a heart.

Never.  Never did I feel she was planning to end her life.   From the moment we learned of their new home, the silly Christmas hats she ordered for Monster and Frank to wear this coming weekend when we would fight the crowds to have our puppies pictures taken with Santa or Elf.    To grab hot chocolate and a slice of pizza downtown Leesburg afterwards.  To have Apple part of the pictures.    To laugh.  Be silly.   Be together, because that’s what we did best.

Her husband is left with broken pieces.   His family is close and will be there for him.  He will move – and journey through life without his wife.   His friend.    “M” has left behind those who love her – will miss her – and may not have an answer.   From what I understand the letter she left behind mentioned a few people.   The selfish side of me wants an answer.   And yet I know there may never be one.   It’s not about me.   It’s keeping tight of those cherished memories – loving her unconditionally and remembering this illness – this dark horrible secret those who may fight each day can grab a hold of any walk of life.      The CEO, the housewife, the teacher or choir director.   The artist.  The wife.  My friend.


my heart is silent.












a wise young lady once said…


I have kept silent during the long and brutal campaign.   I didn’t want to speak to anyone about it.    My blog post June 6th -rant touched on Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton.   I am so happy it is finally over.  The election.  Though I voted, my candidate was removed by the American people long ago.

Wednesday morning my husband quietly announced who our American leader will be come January 2017.    Fluttered thoughts were cluttering my brain.   I remember crinkling my nose up in doubt.  Really?   The “you’re fired” dude is now our nations leader?    Will be our nations leader.     Okay now what.     I’m neither party.   It wasn’t my vote.   But sadly it wasn’t my vote that mattered.     Okay now what.

Jump ahead to Wednesday afternoon.

I was walking home with Murphy when my neighbors college daughter was parking her car in their driveway.   She works for a local dog walking company, so of course greeting my Murphy is always a must.    I adore this young lady.   She’s always full of high spirits and positive energy spills from every word – no matter what kind of day she’s having.

She’s wise beyond her years.   Does that make any sense?

I will refer to her as “Starbrite”.    Starbrite is twenty one years old.   Her dark eyes and skin are like a dolls.    And she stands maybe 5’1″.  Starbrite was born too late because she is the smallest and cutest little Hippy I’ve ever seen.   Her wide pants and loose fitting angel shirts make her appear even smaller.   Her voice is pixie like with a touch of California beach girl.   Starbrite and I have had in depth conversations at the pool regarding race and growing up with a single mother in DC.   After her father left them, her mother did everything under the sunny sky to make sure Starbrite would have the best education and life no matter what sacrifices mom would need to make.   (these were her words to me)

Starbrite asked me “how are you feeling on this post election afternoon?”.   I answered “numb”…. “not sure….but good and you?”      She laughed and said these exact words:

“Mr. Trump is not my choice for our leader.   He represented hate, but was he really?  His backers were loud and some obnoxious but who am I to judge them?   Hill, (as she referred to Ms. Clinton) is too bossy for me.   She is a “know it all”….and doesn’t represent women like myself.   I disliked both candidates actually, but hey, they are humans and we can’t control what any of political party does- right?   I wake up in the morning and the sun is out.  And if it’s not out…it will be out the next day!      I wake up and I’m happy to have a job, be in college, have my mom who loves me even though she tells me what to do [insert laughter] and have my adorable Yorkie whom I love with all my heart.   I have my friends and family.   And I have you as a neighbor/mom #2.   [insert my tears]   I feel fortunate.  My friends who have been crying over this election are wasting their precious time trying to “fix” something we have no control over to begin with.   Protesting is ridiculous.   Hate with more hate.”

And then Starbrite smiles.   And says ” I talk too much!”

No sweetie….keep talking.   What a wise young lady.  One who just made my day…week….year.

Is there a seat in congress for Starbrite?

The Company You Keep~ The People You Meet

“A man is known by the company he keeps”    ~Anonymous


I feel out of touch with my readers and fellow bloggers.   My plan to post once each month for summertime updates pretty much melted away with this summer heat index.  However, I enjoyed your blog post!

Our summer was filled with road trips, beach outings and a lot of swimming.  Catching up with friends and family was the best.   But I must say the company I have kept these past several months has given me an opportunity to meet some great people.

I had an infection in my leg.  And thanks to [me] not listening to my husband and getting to the good doctor when I should have seen the good doctor – the infection worsened and the not-so-good doctor I visited insisted I don’t emerge my leg in any body of water.    Backing up….we were to head to Kent Island for the week.   Are you kidding me?!    No sun, no swim, no sweet red wine, no running, no beach volleyball [not that I was planning on doing], nothing sweat related.   I rarely [triple that] see a doctor, so these instructions sounded as if I were to be locked in a room and only  be given granola to eat for a year.

Moving ahead.   Football Superstar and I decided it would be a good idea to back up our trip.  No worries.   Apple met with friends at the pool.  I sat in the shade.   But it was my early morning and late evening walks with my company that gave me an opportunity to find some of the nicest people you’ve ever want to meet.

It’s pretty cool how one trail can lead you to many others.   Murphy typically is the topic of interest when we are out and about.   Sure, she’s cute with her adult coat coming in – her Golden smile – and the ability to lure a runner off his/her stride as she rolls over for a belly rub.   Conversations begin.    Though the conversations may begin with a belly rub, a compliment or just a wave and a smile….many of these people we have met are now our friends.    Summer bar-b-ques, road trips, pool gatherings, birthdays and puppy play-dates have become a big part of the season.    I look forward to having authentic Indian tea with Lucky’s human mom, chatting with  Kodi’s human mom and getting not only our human kids together ….. but our families.    Dogs included.

I don’t believe things happen just by coincidence.   The company that I keep – well… you know the rest.


Summer isn’t over yet!   Not by my calendar anyway!





Al Fresco ~ please.

th (1)

What’s better than eating a delicious summer meal….

Eating that meal Al Fresco!

I love, love, love summer.   Guess you may have already figured that out from recent post – but I love it even more when I’m eating my meal(s) outdoors.    My family is served their meals on our balcony.   We like to refer to it as our French Terrace.    Where my summertime dinnerware comes out to make its grand entrance whether it’s supporting a slice of homemade naan bread pizza, crab cakes, pasta or a grilled tomato & cheese.   Even the Pop Tart has made its debut on a summer plate.  Sea foam green and coral cotton napkins assist with a smear of hot fudge left behind on a particular cuties cheek.

When I’m outdoors eating, I feel as if the day hasn’t escaped us [me].  On those late evenings when my husband returns from the office, I encourage him to relax on the French Terrace and enjoy his dinner.   It’s a time to unwind.

When we choose a restaurant for lunch or dinner, it will most likely be one that offers Al Fresco.  And we are very lucky here in the DC Metro area they are in every town.   Almost on every street corner.  And even the pup can join us on the patio or sidewalk seating!

The recent temps have put a hold on our terrace dinning, but early morning we can grab our coffee cups and enjoy an hour before the sun begins to bake us.   And by sundown, we can watch the moon stare down at us while sipping sweet tea or chilled wine.

Apple and her friends have become so accustom to this Al Fresco dinning, they have been taking summer paper plates and napkins to the pool for their lunches!    The pool patio offers seating under large market umbrellas while listening to music.   My heart is happy watching my youngest and her friends enjoy their summer, but it’s just too cute [and innocent] when I watch them place freshly sliced strawberries and water melon on their plates chatting endlessly about everything and anything.   Pouring pink lemonade [or gaterade-gasp] over ice sipping through fancy straws and giggling because they know I’m secretly watching.

And who can resist eating Al Fresco directly on the beach?

th (2)


I love summer.   Al Fresco style.      Don’t you?



If you ever visit the DC Metro area – be sure to stop at one of these locations for a delicious Al Fresco meal.   Most offer outdoor dining even after summer ends.   Which by the way….there is nothing better than dinning outdoors in October.   But that’s another post.



*Brabo     1600 King Street     Alexandria VA


*Parallel Wine Bistro      43135 Broadlands Center Plaza       Broadlands VA

*The V      44630 Waxpool Road      Ashburn VA


*Fire Works     201 Harrison Street  SE     Leesburg VA        {one of Murphy’s favorite hangouts}



Lessons from a dog.

It seems like forever since I’ve posted – so before I begin to lose readers/followers….I better say something!


Life has been in the fast lane for us, and I’m sure many of you have your own lane or have been in some type of race since summer opened up the starting gates.

I had every intention of posting [again] of the debates, the election, the candidates, and their messiness.   I even made a time after all my sleepyheads went off to bed – for me time.  My time to set up the laptop on the balcony, along with fresh brewed ice tea.   Raspberry flavor.   But that “my time” fell hard on Murphy’s dog bed which resembles a white water rafting craft.  Large enough for three dogs or one dog and two humans, or two dogs and one human.  Doesn’t matter, it’s large enough for me to flop down on and not wake up in time to get out my laptop and begin to post.  I woke up an hour later with a fuzzy head on top of my own.  Drool and tennis ball in her mouth as she slept.  I’ll never understand.  And perhaps she is the reason I changed my mind on the blog topic.


What if we just took the time to slowly watch our lives play out.  What if planet earth stood still.  Would we?    I listen to the news, it shows up on my news feed, it’s everywhere.  Even poolside conversations begin to become somewhat political.    I’ve avoided Facebook for this very reason.   We can go from wishing everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to – she’s this and he’s that.   We worship celebrities and give thanks to those who make an appearance at a peace walk.  We give materialistic views the priority instead of thinking about how we, ourselves can take “us” out of the priority.   I hear hatred and bitterness in the voices of adults.  How are we to expect our children to become better “people”.   Yes, the beautiful quotes and photos of people from all walks of life holding hands, embracing, smiling together makes us feel there is hope.  But what happens when these Facebook pictures, tweets and peaceful protest become like every other novelty?    We move on with our lives.  Purchase the latest technology.   Watch our lives move in the fast lane.   We forget what happens until….until another tragedy takes place.


I won’t pretend I’m not worried about what is about to unfold come November.   But I refuse to become the very reason we protest, hate, discriminate, and can only speak of what is happening in our fast lanes.    Who’s right and who’s left?    I don’t care who’s lane your in.   I’m going to care about you either way.    Even if you don’t care about my lane.  But you will not find me pushing into another lane to prove my point.   You won’t find me switching lanes because I refuse to hold on to my values and morals.   But you will find me working hard to stay in my lane – and working to slow down my speed.   I don’t want my life to play out without me watching every moment of it.   We may not be able to change our schedules or routines.   But I’m going to try with all my will to watch it.  Watch life.

I know sleeping with a tennis ball in my mouth looking completely peaceful is out of the question.   But I did watch for a moment – eyes closed tight – looking as if life is carefree and in the slow lane.

Lessons from a dog.   One very happy and peaceful dog.





ranting and its songs

Rant – verb.   To speak loudly or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.

I’m about to rant.     But it’s not your momma’s ordinary rant.

Song – noun.   A short poem or words set to music.

There are songs floating like a butterfly in my head.


As much as I promised myself that I would not allow the opinion of others to affect my own worldly view, this past week my promise was broken.   I’m not exactly sure how the conversation even began.  But one thing I do know is there were several topics floating around the pool deck while those who were doing exactly what I should have been doing – that’s right – floating inside the pool ignoring the words that have become like toxin.

Instead of floating around the pool on Apple’s pink striped noodle [I so appreciate her reminding me to take the noodle as she heads to school and I head to the pool] I sat desperately trying to focus on my summer read – Just Beyond the Clouds – when a mom decided to openly discuss the gorilla incident and after fifteen minutes of listening it turned to Donald Trump which then turned to free health care which then turned to ordering lunch from Delhi 6.  My head was spinning. And I’m not sure if it was due to the direct sunlight without my sunglasses [forgot them, but got the noodle] or the conversations taking place while truly, honestly, sincerely spoken here – we were to be organizing end of year events.   I was volunteered by an acquaintance, whom will remain nameless.

I’m sure most of you – no make that all of you have been listening to the news, reading your news feed, finding it posted on Facebook or like me….sitting poolside having several different topics spewed out in one direction within 22 minutes.   Exactly 22 minutes.

So my rant if you will, became more like a recording studio in my brain that just couldn’t turn off the topics being discussed.  Or argued whined about.

*Harambe. The massive silverback gorilla who was shot by a zookeeper after a child fell-climbed-slithered down-slipped-somehow this young child ended up in the gorilla outdoor exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.    I was not there.   I’m not exactly sure CNN found the most reliable sources for interviewing.   I was not there.  I’m not going to blame anyone because I am not a zoo official, I’m not a key witness to the incident.  I am not the parent of this young boy.   I’m thankful I wasn’t placed in the situation as the zoo officials were when making the life or death decision to save this childs life.   We were not there.               I was not there.   I wouldn’t want to be in this child’s mothers shoes.   Because all over the world we’ve placed the child second.

The song “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes” by swingsetmomma’s came to my mind.  Okay, okay…so maybe it’s not the best song to describe this horrible situation – but the verse “just imagine walking in someone else’s shoes” pretty much summed it up.

I’m just thankful the little boy is fine.  And this is coming from someone who followed PETA for many years.  I’ve matured some since those days….some.

*Donald Trump.   OhMyGosh!   I’m SO over hearing about his nastiness, his wealth and his private jet.  His wives and his children.   I don’t like him.  I don’t like his long ties either.  They are ugly.    But as the moms were discussing the latest on Hilary and the Trumpster, the song “Born in the USA” came to my mind.  I had a silent giggle.   I’ve seen Bruce too many times back in the day – and I’ve seen him in Atlantic City directly where the Trumpster built his empire in NJ.    Sorry Bruce, you’re getting a little old and rusty, as is the Trumpster.   America is great.   I’m happy.   Sorry you’re not.

*footnote:  Bono isn’t walking around shouting at either party.  Take note entertainers who are all talk and rusty.

*Muhammad Ali.   I grew up hearing his name in our home.    My father enjoyed boxing, only because my uncle was a boxer.  Mr. Ali didn’t really mean anything to me….I just knew about him.  He was a great athlete.  He worked on making changes.   He had a soft adoring voice.   And there was a song about him with lyrics “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee“.   That’s exactly what floated through my head as conversations swirled like the crystal blue water in the pool.    Another private giggle.

I did not order from Delhi 6.  I decided at that moment…it was a perfect time for me to slither off of the noodle like a slippery eel, and return to my pink polka-dot beach towel to finally pick up my good summer read and do just that.   That was my “momma daisy time to myself day” and I wasn’t going to waste my time planning a meeting to have another meeting

I read and in my mind I heard Ruth B singing “Lost Boy“.   “usually hanging out with Peter Pan, and when we’re bored we play in the woods, always on the run from Captain Hook….”

America is great!









Food Shopping 101

It’s been ages since I posted on my lessons on food shopping.  Or should I say my experiences of food shopping.

Everyone knows when you’re trying to shop “local” within a metropolitan area, sometimes it’s next to impossible to locate a true farmers market.  They are out there – I’ve been to a few that captured my heart.   Market to Market and Founding Farmers, both located in Northwest DC.  There is the Ashburn Farmers Market located at One Loudoun.  And the always cramped Brambleton Farmers Market.   Fairfax has plenty as does Leesburg.  I’m not bothered by the drive to any of the “local/organic produce farms” and what they offer.  Fresh fruits, veggies and organic meats.   Locally brewed beverages as well as fresh herbs potted or fresh from the garden.   I love a good market.

Our markets are only opened on Saturday mornings during spring and summer seasons.  Needless to say if I’m going to head into the District – I must be up and out the door by 6am.  If not, parking is a mess and the pickin’s will be slim to none.     For One Loudoun market, I can be out the door by 6:30 and still find a bountiful selection of this and that.

I’m a sucker for Sunflowers.  Huge – dinner plate size sunflowers.   Fresh cut daisies and fresh lavender.  Basil.  Thyme.  Rosemary.  Oregano.  Mint of all flavors.   And not to forget chives for our morning bagels with goat cream cheese.

Back up to this morning – 8:30am.   Wegmans.   Unlike my 6am runs to the typically elbow to elbow “specialty” grocery store, this morning actually wasn’t that bad.  Limited crowd.  I was looking around thinking perhaps the store was closing for good, or just maybe there was a foodie demo in the food court.  But nothing spectacular was happening….only that I find myself being tempted by the asiago bagel sitting along with many other asiago bagels in the pretty bagel display baskets that line the bread aisle.      And then there were those ridiculous buttery croissants.

As I grabbed two of the freshly baked asiago bagels – one for me and one for Football Superstar  another one for me, I circled around the artisan cheeses.  Why not?

If your wondering when the “lesson” in my food shopping 101 will appear on this post.  It’s not.

I’m not even sure why I am posting on nothing but asiago bagels, goat cream cheese, feta cheese, and one buttery croissant.   Which I did save for College Daughter.  After all, she was heading in to work by noon and I thought why not give share this freshly baked buttery croissant.   She got the entire croissant…I’m not that selfish!    My mind quickly thought about cutting it in half but then my good conscious said “stop!”.

I, once again, failed at trying to make my desire for the weekly menu/budget/lunch foods come out on top.   Or just a simple C+ would do!    Blame it on the bread section.   Blame it on the cloudy morning as I sat in traffic.  Blame it on ….. oh, who am I kidding!     I’ll always be a food shopper flying by the seat of my yoga pants.   Today I was wearing a tennis skirt.  No matter what my attire will be… seat will always be flying!


By the way….those asiago bagels are …….die…for!




the art of balance


Over these last six months [or more] I’ve found my life has lost it’s balance.

As we drove home from our weekend “get-away” my mind went through a “rewind”.  Our trip to the beach was not the usual family vacation where Football Superstar puts all calls through his call box.    No laptop, no text messages and certainly no skyped meetings.  This weekend was primarily to attend an event organized for dogs.   We made the decision months ago to take our new addition to Dewey Golden Jubilee and catch up with other members of our own GG group.    Football Superstar knew he wouldn’t be placing everything on hold, this was a normal work week/weekend.  His reason for going was to watch our youngest enjoy her time on the beach with her pup.  Also, to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner with his family.  Or at least one of the three meals.  Just like any other work week, except we’re in a hotel room walking distance from the ocean.  I love that my husband knows I can handle just about anything – on my own.   I’ve traveled with more than one child and more than one dog plenty of times to know who’s going to get sick, who’s going to cry out “are we there yet” and who needs to go to the bathroom- again.

But this time I watched his phone light up more than I wanted.   During lunch with a friend, I could see his phone vibrating across the table.  He no sooner took a bite of his sandwich it would happen.   Before you ask….why didn’t he just turn it off?   Remember, he was still working this weekend.  I appreciate and respect the fact my husband is loyal to his clients.   But geez, eat man would you!

As we waited for the pounding rain to pass in Piney Point, it really hit me I must find my balance once again.   I can’t change my husbands career, though Lord knows I’ve tried!   There will be more weekend’s we are away and Football Superstar will need to work.   However, my personal balance will help in creating balance in my family.  I just need to learn to say no too.      No, we can’t make it.   No, we have another commitment.  No.

Plan, empower and prepare for any hiccup that comes my way.    That comes our way.

After all….College Daughter will be returning home from school next weekend.   And I’ll need all that balance back in my life!    Balance, or just  lease the Outer Banks home all summer!



Life can be a balancing act.  It’s the art of balancing.

Never get so busy making a living – that you forget to make a life.  ~ unknown





To You…


Mother’s Day.   noun.  A day of the year where mothers are honored by their children.  A day to celebrate and/or honor.

On this Mother’s Day I would like to honor you.  My followers, my fellow bloggers and to one of my mentors who inspires me the most to write, Brenda.

The month of May is always jammed with “somethings”.    This year we have just about every weekend on the calendar marked with either a vacation, a party or an event to attend.  As much as I can’t wait to see family, friends and a sandy beach….May is going to come and go before I know it.  So I requested this Mother’s Day – the actual day of our celebration and/or day to be honored, we I do absolutely nothing.  We get home Saturday evening from an office event and honestly I would love to just do nothing!   My family feels my nothing filled day will stop me from having the opportunity to be honored, or celebrated and taken out for a nice dinner where we can sit with other mother’s eating al fresco and……

There is one place I would like to go.  To a garden center in Frederick.   I love Frederick Maryland.  I will purchase more herbs to plant in my container garden, and we can stop at my favorite hole in the wall and eat crab cakes.  And even Murphy may join in the fun!

Mother’s Day is whatever you, mom, mommy, mother, momma want it to be.  You’re honored and celebrated no matter what is on the menu.

So I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to you!

With daisies and hugs,

Momma Daisy 13151790_710379425732372_53117142505798991_n